• True Numbers for Everything Connected

    30 Jan 2015
    Source: Dale Ford, Vice President, Semiconductors & Components, IHS Technology
    Dale Ford, vice president of semiconductors and components at IHS Technology, presents at the ECIA Executive Conference.
  • The Rise of Smart Cities

    22 Jan 2015
    Lisa Arrowsmith, associate director for connectivity, smart homes and smart cities at IHS Technology, discusses the issues surrounding the rise of so-called Smart Cities.
  • The Future of the Smartphone

    07 Jan 2015
    Source: Daniel Gleeson, Analyst, Mobile Media, Mobile Devices & Networks, IHS Technology
    Daniel Gleeson, senior analyst for mobile Media, mobile devices and networks at IHS Technology, talks about the future of the smartphone, including key drivers behind smartphone adoption, commoditization of the smartphone market and the continued importance of power efficiency.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Xiaomi Millet TV 2

    16 Dec 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    The IHS Technology teardown team dives into one of the first 4K UHD Smart TVs to be released.
  • A Peek Inside the Tesla Model S

    26 Nov 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler, Senior Director of Teardown services at IHS Technology
    Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of teardown services at IHS Technology, shows off some of the components found in various modules of a recently analyzed Tesla Model S.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Tesla Model S

    14 Oct 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    The IHS Technology teardown team goes inside the power liftgate module of the 2013 Tesla Model S all-electric car.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Apple iPhone 6

    23 Sep 2014
    Source: Electronics360 News Desk
    Despite a price tag that is $100 higher, the iPhone 6 Plus costs only about $16 more to make than the standard iPhone 6, according to a teardown analysis by IHS Technology.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Huawei Ascend Mate2

    02 Sep 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    Join IHS teardown experts as they look inside the Huawei Ascend Mate2 smartphone in this exclusive video teardown.
  • The Challenge of Video for the Mobile Industry

    21 Aug 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Ben Keen, VP of consumer, media and telecommunications at IHS, discusses the growing role of video in strategies of players in today’s mobile ecosystem.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Amazon Fire Phone

    28 Jul 2014
    Source: Electronics360 News Desk
    Qualcomm scores big with apps processor, RF and PA design wins.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Garmin HUD

    16 Jul 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler, Rick DeMeis
    Electronics 360 contributor Rick DeMeis takes the Garmin HUD for a test drive and IHS's Andrew Rassweiler tears it down.
  • LTE Chipsets and the Growing Demand For Higher Data Speeds

    15 Jul 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Francis Sideco, senior director of consumer & mobile semiconductors at IHS, provides his insight on LTE chipsets and growing demand for higher data speeds and enhanced applications.
  • Exclusive VideoTeardown: Blood Glucose Monitors

    16 Jun 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    To get a look at the insides of glucose monitors, the IHS teardown team has selected the Bayer Breeze 2 and the OneTouch UltraMini.
  • What's the Importance of the Mobile Industry?

    05 Jun 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Ian Fogg, Senior Director for Mobile & Telecoms at IHS, talks about the changing landscape for both mobile operators and handset OEMS.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Nokia Lumia 1520

    16 May 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    The Lumia 1520 is the latest Windows smartphone entry from Nokia, the company that had been the industry leader in feature phones.
  • The New World Order of Smartphone Designs and Costs

    30 Apr 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost benchmarking at IHS, provides his viewpoint on the technical and financial dimensions of the mobile handset market, including the shifting dynamics of mobile competition in light of the dominance of Apple and Samsung.
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Samsung Galaxy S5

    15 Apr 2014
    IHS takes a deep dive inside the latest "super" smartphone from Samsung
  • Exclusive Video Teardown: Oppo N1

    17 Mar 2014
    Source: Andrew Rassweiler
    Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of IHS benchmarking cost services, gives a guided tour of the innards of the N1 phablet from Oppo electronics.
  • Mobile and Related Technologies Revolutionizing Our World

    06 Mar 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Dale Ford, vice president & chief analyst at IHS, explores the ever increasing role of mobile technology on the broader global economy, including the effect of investment and innovation.
  • Understanding the Forthcoming Changes in Mobile Memory

    21 Feb 2014
    Source: IHS Technology
    Cliff Leimbach, IHS Technology analyst for memory and storage, outlines market trends and innovation in mobile memory, including the saturation of the smartphone market, the balancing of BOM cost vs innovation, and more.
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