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  • Electronic Protection

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    ELAN-Tron® U polyurethane resins provide electrical insulation with superior environmental protection. The two-part systems cure at room temperature or with low heat. Flexibility and a low exotherm minimize stress on sensitive components. They are typically dispensed with meter-mix equipment and are available in filled and unfilled versions.
  • Conformal Coatings Protect Printed Circuit Boards

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    New, clean printed circuit boards are the engines that make modern electronic equipment work. If used in difficult surroundings, the circuit board performance can deteriorate quickly. Conformal coatings protect printed circuit boards from harsh environments such as dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and chemicals.
  • Skived PTFE, Paste Extruded and UHMW Film

    Supplier: Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions
    Chemfilm Skived PTFE, Paste Extruded PTFE and UHMW Film Products Chemfilm skived PTFE is produced by compression molding a cylindrical billet and "skiving" the film off of the billet in a lathe. Saint-Gobain has made extensive investments in the latest skiving technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high quality, competitively priced products.
  • Optimizing Thermal Management in Microelectronics

    Supplier: Epoxy Technology
    Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®)presents an updated Thermal Management Brochure to include the Newest additions to the EPO-TEK® Products for Optimizing Thermal Management: EK1000, EK2000 & EK1000-1
  • Solder Preform Placement...SUPER-FAST

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation - Solder preform placement is tremendously faster using InTEGRATED® SOLDER PREFORMS. Don't fumble with every single preform when you can place tens, or hundreds, in one simple motion. Used in a variety of applications that require precise amounts of solder, dimensions can be held to tight tolerances to assure volume...
  • Solder Research Kits - To Test your Options

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation - We offer solder wire, solder ribbon and research kit options so you can more easily find a solution to your application. Each kit comes with a list of available alloys and its characteristics so you can determine the best alloy for your manufacturing process.
  • Low Temperature Alloys - Soldering 101

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    The most common melting temperature range for standard solders (like SnPb or SnPbAg) is in the 180°C to 190°C range, and the most popular Pb-free alloys melt in the 220°C to 225°C. But, what do you do if you need a solder that reflows at a lower temperature?
  • Handy Flux

    Supplier: Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions
    Flux is critical to the brazing and soldering process because it minimizes the oxidation that may form on both the brazing filler metal and the materials being joined. Numerous formulations of flux are available for virtually all metal joining operations.
  • Dow Corning Sylgard Encapsulants

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    Ellsworth Adhesives proudly carries Dow Corning Sylgard poly-dimethyl siloxane (PDMS) Encapsulants. They are used for a multitude of specialized tasks from protecting strain sensitive electronic components to creating soft lithography molds in the fabrication of new types of electronic, magnetic, and optical devices.
  • Consider Conformal Coatings for PCBs

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    A conformal coating is a thin protective film that “conforms” to the surface of a printed circuit board. This coating provides a layer of dielectric protection to circuitry, protecting the PCB against the environment. There are multiple types of conformal coatings, but the most commonly used are acrylics, polyurethanes and silicones.