Product Watch


  • Sinter Materials for Power Electronics

    Supplier: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a leader in integrated technologies and materials for the electronics industry, showcased advanced solutions for die, package, and top-side attach at PCIM Europe. Argomax® AccuLam™, a breakthrough product for silver sintering, that delivers both higher throughput and larger area lamination compatibility, was be highlighted.
  • LiPOLY® Lightweight Thermal Conductive Putty

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY's lightweight thermal conductive putty is a low-density gel filling material. Its low density and lightweight characteristics enhance product performance, reduce production costs, and minimize material usage and energy consumption. Commonly used in electronic products and automotive electronic devices, this series has a thermal conductivity of 4....
  • Material Solutions for Smart Meters

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    The smart meter market, encompassing electric, water, and gas sectors, is pivotal in shaping a sustainable and connected future. As these meters become integral to our utilities, they face multifaceted challenges.
  • LiPOLY® 5G mmWave Thermal Conductive Gel Pad

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY’s DTT series is specially designed for network communication signal transmission. It focuses on Dk and Df to reduce interference in RF modules. Thermal conductivity: 3.0-5.0 W / m*K.
  • LiPOLY® Silicone Free Thermal Conductive Putty

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY N-putty series is silicone free thermally conductive material. It also can overcome overflow and drying problems. N-putty is a great alternative to thermal grease.
  • Thermal management material solutions

    Supplier: MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group
    Discover a thermal management material solution that provides "diamond like" thermal conduction without the "diamond" price
  • Polymers And Plastic Resins

    Supplier: Shenzhen DeepMaterial Technologies Co., Ltd
    Polymers And Plastic Resins for plastic is a powerful bonding agent that can be used for various applications. From repairing broken plastic objects to creating new ones, can be an excellent solution for anyone looking for a solid and durable bond.
  • LiPOLY® Silicone Free Thermal Absorber Pad

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY NT series is a thermally conductive absorber based upon soft magnetic materials dispersed in a non-silicone resin. It has a thermal conductivity of 2.0-4.0 W/m*K and dissipates electromagnetic radiation rapidly to mitigate against EMI issues.
  • Carbon Fiber Thermal Gap Fillers

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Sheet CF210A features double sticky surfaces and ultra high Thermal Conductivity at 21W/m-K based on ASTM D5470.
  • EV Battery Cooling and Thermal Runaway Protection

    Supplier: Boyd
    EV Battery Cooling and Thermal Runaway Protection Boyd is your trusted expert to design liquid cooling systems and thermal runaway protection for key industry innovators that enable safer and more powerful battery systems.