Product Watch


  • EV Battery Cooling and Thermal Runaway Protection

    Supplier: Boyd
    EV Battery Cooling and Thermal Runaway Protection Boyd is your trusted expert to design liquid cooling systems and thermal runaway protection for key industry innovators that enable safer and more powerful battery systems.
  • Leading the charge for electrical Innovation

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    Our integration unlocks vast opportunities, marked by significant investments, signaling our commitment to growth and excellence in the field of protection and electrical insulation. United in leading the charge for electrical innovation, our combined portfolio includes:
  • Pyroid® HTPG Thermal Spreader Solutions

    Supplier: MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group
    Pyroid® HT PG thermal management material is an economical, high performance thermal managment solution available in sheets or shapes. Pyroid® HT heat spreader material - better performance!
  • Fire and Thermal Protection: FIREX RX 2373

    Supplier: MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group
    Over the years FIREX™ coatings have been utilized in numerous applications requiring fire and thermal protection. Those applications include ships, tanks, military vehicles, shelters, aircraft, and space vehicles and are especially protective in a jet fuel environment. Now they are available for chemical, oil and gas, and other applications.
  • Structural Bonding Adhesive To Power Bank Assembly

    Supplier: Shenzhen DeepMaterial Technologies Co., Ltd
    As vehicle electrification continues to evolve, powerful lithium-ion (li-ion) battery architectures are at the center of discussions around electric vehicles. While battery system designs vary by manufacturer, common performance goals for all automotive battery technologies are longer life, operational safety, cost efficiency, and reliability.
  • Empower Electronic Assembly w/Innolot® MXE Alloy

    Supplier: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
    In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, where innovation drives progress, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is committed to setting a new standard. We are pleased to introduce ALPHA Innolot MXE, a revolutionary alloy meticulously engineered to address the critical needs of enhanced reliability and performance in modern electronic assemblies.
  • Eliminating Hotspots On Printed Circuit Boards

    Supplier: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
    A supplier of PCB boards recently experienced hotspots on PCB assemblies for on-board chargers. Read this case study to learn how MacDermid Alpha worked with the manufacturer to achieve the most efficient production process.
  • Two-component glue,Transparent glue for plastic

    Supplier: Shenzhen DeepMaterial Technologies Co., Ltd
    DeepMaterial provides a comprehensive UV-cur- able adhesive product line for this purpose, including extremely transparent or translucent UV-curable adhe- sives for different scenarios, providing a targeted product line for LCD display, headset motor and other electronic accessories as well as machine assembly and other application scenarios.
  • LiPOLY® Silicone Free Thermal Pads,17.0 W/m*K

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY's silicone free thermal pads are no low molecular siloxane volatilization and low total volatile gas, no electrical contact & pollution problems. They are ideally suited for applications such as optical, automotive, and sensitive electronic components.
  • Dull to Shine in 4 Easy Steps

    Supplier: Competition Chemicals, Inc.
    Step 1 Apply a little Simichrome to a soft clean cloth. Step 2 Rub gently in a circular motion on surface to be polished. Step 3 Continue rubbing until luster begins to emerge. Step 4 Buff until remaining polish residue transfers to cloth, and you’re finished.