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  • HL65221DG - Ushio Red Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL65221DG is a single mode Ushio Red Laser Diode operating at 200mW. It is available in P & N pin-out configurations.
  • PLT5 520B 110mW Green Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    PLT5 520B is a Osram Green Laser Diode operating at 110mW power in a TO56 can.
  • Military Qualified High Voltage Diodes

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    VMI designs and manufactures HV axial-lead and surface mount MIL qualified diodes. All screening, and environmental testing is done in-house. VMI offers the most complete range of MIL qualified, high voltage diodes in the world. All wafers are doped, diffused and metalized in our facility. We offer extensive testing to insure that our customers receive the highest qu...
  • High voltage rf power capacitor

    Supplier: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    FEATURES • Low losses • High reliability • High voltage ratings APPLICATIONS These high technology are designed for usage in high frequency Induction heating and welding equipment were high voltage ratings are required.
  • Semiconductor FAQ's!

    Supplier: Fuji Electric Corp. of America
    See our frequently asked questions for Fuji Electric Power Semiconductors!
  • CDE AC Harmonic Filter Capacitor w/ Dual Failsafe

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Cornell Dubilier Electronics Capacitor Series is rated at 6,000 hours; new Patented Design Safely Expands Mounting Options
  • New Passive Technologies for 5G Applications

    Supplier: Newark, An Avnet Company
    What we will cover: Brief Introduction to 5G Implications of range and data rates Applications of the different types of Polymers Tools to help select capacitors Q&A
  • 2W Ushio Red Laser Diodes HL63290HD and HL63520HD

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL63290HD and HL63520HD are two new high powered laser diodes from Ushio.
  • DKIV-1 High Current Choke W/ Vertical Design

    Supplier: Schurter
    SCHURTER high current vertical choke, DKIV-1 is ideal for multistage filter applications where combined use of a vertical choke and a horizontal choke reduces interference of corresponding magnetic fields. With max. rating of 50 A, DKIV-1 chokes offer small footprint for THT terminals on PCB. Open design contributes to light weight and heat dissipation. Temperature range -40 °C to +1...
  • Catagories for MCU,Mosfet,IGBT,Capacitor

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