Product Watch


  • Lower 1/F Noise in Ribbon Microphone Applications

    Supplier: Linear Systems
    Linear Systems LSK389 & LSK170 JFETS deliver an ultra-low noise solution to reduce 1/F noise with superb sound imaging quality for ribbon microphones
  • Alternative for high voltage doorknob capacitors

    Supplier: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    USAGE: Mainly used in high peak current and high repetition rate circuit.Such as: high voltage doubler, voltage protection,decouplin g circuits,laser generator, switching circuits, welding equipment, exchange limit, DC storage high frequency coupling, AC and DC filtering
  • PLPT9 450LB_E Osram 5W Blue Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    PLPT9 450LB_E is a new Osram 5W Blue Laser Diode in a compact 9mm TO can package.
  • HL63603TG Single Mode Red Laser Diode in TO38 Case

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL63603TG is a single mode Ushio Red Laser diode is a compact TO38 package, delivering 120mW of power at 638nm wavelength. They are available from stock at World Star Tech.
  • HL63391DG, 200 mW single mode Red Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL63391DG and HL63392DG are single transverse mode 639nm, 200 mW laser diodes with built-in photodiode for optical output power monitoring in industrial applications. They are available from stock.
  • Temperature Controlled Blue, Red, Green Laser

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    World Star Technologies offers thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) laser modules from 375 to 980 nm wavelengths (other wavelengths may also be available on request). These temperature controlled lasers offer excellent wavelength and power stability.
  • Murata ECAS Series Polymer Aluminum Capacitors

    Supplier: Digi-Key Electronics
    The presentation will explore the overall features, characteristics, applications, and product line-up of the ECAS series available from Murata.
  • HL40071MG - 405 nm, 300 mW Violet Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    Ushio HL40071MG is a 405nm single mode violet diode laser diode with 300mW output power packaged in a compact 5.6mm configuration. This 405 nm laser diode is ideal for a wide range of OEM applications including biomedical, machine vision and 3D printing. The HL40071MG diode laser features a low threshold current and high slope efficiency resulting in a low operating current and high reli...
  • HL65221DG - Ushio Red Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL65221DG is a single mode Ushio Red Laser Diode operating at 200mW. It is available in P & N pin-out configurations.
  • PLT5 520B 110mW Green Laser Diode

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    PLT5 520B is a Osram Green Laser Diode operating at 110mW power in a TO56 can.