Product Watch


  • Printed Electronics in conformable wearables

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    Sheldahl is uniquely positioned to provide Flexible Printed Circuits, Printed Electronics & Flexible Hybrid Electronics. Our ability to deliver technology from our vast toolbox enables biometric devices to form to the body comfortably and unobtrusively, allowing wearables to collect and measure minute-by-minute patient biological, physiological, or behavioral data continuously and re...
  • Flexible Printed Circuits

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    Flexible Circuits reduce the wiring and electrical interconnections, improving performance while reducing weight.
  • The need for ruggedizing high reliability circuits

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    ELANTAS PDG's conformal coatings are polymers that are applied in thin and thick layers to protect and electrically insulate printed circuit boards and electrical components from environmental stresses. The coatings can be sprayed, dip coated, hot melt applied, or brushed. Our conformal coatings can improve device performance and reduce the space needed between electrical traces.
  • The pioneer of Electrically Conductive Adhesives

    Supplier: Epoxy Technology
  • Fast Cure Epoxy for Bonding & Small Encapsulations

    Supplier: Master Bond, Inc.
    Free flowing EP4EN-80 is suitable for bonding, small potting and encapsulations up to about a ¼ inch thick in some applications.
  • ALPHA┬« HiTech Underfill Epoxy for Chip Packaging

    Supplier: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
    ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 is a one-component capillary underfill designed for the protection of assembled chip packages onto printed circuit boards. It is a high Tg & low CTE underfill with excellent reliability. It also has a good thermal cycling performance because of its low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion.
  • Application Station: PCR

    Supplier: AirClean Systems
    With PCR becoming such a common term used for COVID-19 testing, we want to take a look at what exactly PCR is, and how the AirClean Systems PCR Workstation helps ensure a reliable result.
  • DuPont Introduces New Metallization Offerings

    Supplier: DuPont Electronics & Imaging
    DuPont Electronics & Imaging ICS introduced new metallization offerings in advanced development stages for High Density Interconnect (HDI) applications, a high performance and fast-growing segment of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.
  • Flexible printed heaters for Automotive

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    As the automotive industry moves away from traditional combustion engines to electric vehicles, the delivery of comfort to the vehicle's occupants and the battery's temperature control is proving to be a challenge. Flexible circuits can provide unique solutions to these problems by delivering heat directly to the battery, seats, floor mats, and steering wheels, improving the MPC (...
  • Flexible Circuits for Aerospace & Defense

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    Sheldahl’s heritage as a material supplier spans greater than 60 years, from the Echo 1 and 2 satellites to the latest launch and deployment vehicles. Sheldahl’s Red Book serves as a reference guide for the Aerospace industry, providing materials used in passive thermal control, including static dissipation, radiator material, and atomic oxygen protection. While the Sh...