Product Watch


  • Electronics for Aerospace

    Supplier: Henkel Adhesive Technologies - Aviation, Space and Rail
    High reliability material solutions for the world’s most mission-critical applications
  • Rigid Flex Circuits

    Supplier: Minco
    Minco’s Rigid Flex assemblies are a hybrid of flexible interconnects and conventional PCBs designed to provide the benefits of both of these building blocks.
  • Simichrome for that polishing shine

    Supplier: Competition Chemicals, Inc.
    Every kind of uncoated metal surface – wheels, exhaust pipes, engine parts, bumpers – will shine brighter with Simichrome. Just use a dab of Simichrome on a clean cloth and buff to a brilliant shine, leaving a protective coating to help the shine last longer.
  • The Polish Used by Professionals

    Supplier: Competition Chemicals, Inc.
    Simply put, Simichrome is the finest all-metal polish available anywhere. Perfect for brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, magnesium, aluminum...virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surface. Use it all around the home on virtually any metal surface.
  • Thermal Interface Grease

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    Nano-Thermal Interface Grease: TT3000 Thermal Interface Grease: G3380 Thermal Interface Grease: G338N Non-silicone
  • High Thermally Conductive Gap Filler

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY T-work9000 offers outstanding thermal conductivity at 20.0 W/m*K and extremely low thermal resistance under minimal force. T-work9000 offers excellent compression, filling small air gaps on uneven surfaces, ensuring an efficient and consistent transfer of heat.
  • Thermally Conductive Putty

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    Shiu Li Technology has created a new advanced thermal interface material.
  • New High-Performance Nano-Thermal Interface Grease

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    LiPOLY TT3000 is a highly reliable thermal interface grease made of solvent-free silicone oil compounds and thermal fillers. 
  • Extremely compressible gap filler

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Highly Conformable and Non-Flammable, Higher Thermal interface materials
  • Printed Electronics | Fit, Form & Function

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    Sheldahl Flexible Technologies is an industry leader in materials conversion, fabrication, & flexible printed circuit assembly. We offer a broad array of electrical interconnect solutions. From material development and production, circuit fabrication to final component assembly, we combine diverse materials to deliver fit, form, and function.