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  • Thermal Interface Materials Complimentary Samples

    Supplier: Fujipoly® America Corp.
    Some of the most cumbersome steps in evaluating the performance of a thermal interface material are requesting product samples and receiving quotes. To eliminate this frustration, Fujipoly® created an online suite of features that allow engineers to request complimentary samples and/or quotes with the click of a mouse. The registration process takes under 2 minutes to c...
  • How Exactly Do Aqueous Cleaners Work?

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    Earlier on in The Aqueous Cleaning Blog we took a general look at the different aqueous cleaning chemistriesthat are out there today, as well as the types of soils they can remove. Now let’s take an inside look at how aqueous cleaners remove
  • A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques A few months ago we talked about the different kinds of parts washing techniques that are available, and when they should be used. Aside from basic manual washing
  • Pyroid® HT Heat Sink Modeling Software Tool

    Supplier: MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group
    Pyroid® HT Pyrolytic Graphite Material Provides "Diamond Like Thermal Performance Without the Diamond Price" Pyroid® HT Pyrolytic Graphite Customer Benefits: • Significant thermal spreading • Fast and Uniform Thermal Response • Weight savings • Direct solder attachment Get a Copy of Pyroid® HT Heat Sink/Spread...
  • What’s Titration and Why Should I Care?

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    When dealing with aqueous parts cleaning, it’s important to control the concentration of your aqueous solution in order to achieve ideal cleaning status and extend your bath life
  • Aqueous Cleaners Help the Auto Industry Go Green

    Supplier: Armakleen Company (The)
    In a world where words like “sustainability” and “go green” are being used extensively, especially in the auto industry, it is important to remember that those concepts are not limited to simply the kind of fuel a vehicle runs on. Overall
  • Excellent Environmental and Thermal Protection

    Supplier: Henkel Corporation - Electronics
    LOCTITE STYCAST EO 1058 is a single component epoxy system that cures at 125°C. EO1058 provides excellent environmental and thermal protection to encapsulated parts. This product is especially suited for use in protecting devices subjected to harsh environments such as automotive applications.
  • Epoxylite Hi Temp Epoxy Systems®

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    Epoxylite® is the resin system of choice for extremely hot, dirty, corrosive and hostile environments.
  • New Temperature stable solder paste

    Supplier: Henkel Corporation - Electronics
    In what is a true market breakthrough, Henkel has developed the first-ever temperature stable solder paste. LOCTITE GC 10 is stable at 26.5 °C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40 °C for one month, providing benefits throughout the logistics and operations chain, while still offering unbeatable printability and reflow performance.
  • Increase Bond Strength with Surface Prep Products

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    Surface preparation is key to achieving maximum bond strength when using adhesives and tapes on all types of substrates including metals, plastics, concrete and ceramics, woods and glass.