Product Watch


  • Liquid Thermal Interface Materials

    Supplier: Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd
    Thermal Putty vs Thermal Grease vs Two-Part Fast Curing Thermal Conductive Gel
  • Thin Film; Air-Drying, Fast Oven Curing

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    With the addition of the CONAP® product portfolio to the historic ELANTAS portfolio, we have the resin solutions to protect your sensitive electronics from environmental extremes: heat, vibration, moisture, and chemical.

    Supplier: Epoxy Technology
    We will not stop until we have the right solution for you. We help power the automotive industry, working with market leaders to develop cutting-edge technology. From die attach, to sensors, to potting, EPO-TEK® supplies a diverse array of products to major industry-leading automotive manufacturers and after-market suppliers.  Look to ...
  • Wraptite composite sleeves offer superior design

    Supplier: Arnold Magnetic Technologies
    ENCAPSULATED MAGNETS WRAPTITE CARBON FIBER ENCAPSULATION Arnold Magnetic Technologies offers composite and metallic encapsulation solutions for a wide range of permanent magnet systems and applications. While metallic sleeved magnet containment solutions are used extensively for magnet containment, Wraptite composite sleeves offer a superior design alternative...
  • Proven Flux-Cored Wire for Robotic/Laser Soldering

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation is offering a proven, award-winning flux-cored wire for robotic and laser soldering.
  • Indium Corporation Introduces New Ball-Attach Flux

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation continues to expand its flux portfolio with WS-823—a proven, one-step ball grid array (BGA) ball-attach flux designed to eliminate the costly and warpage-inducing prefluxing step, especially on Cu-OSP substrate.
  • Innovative tapes for the electronics industry.

    Supplier: Can-Do National Tape
    From high temperature films to new innovative adhesive systems, Can-Do continues to focus on resolving key processing and application requirements.
  • The Race for Space

    Supplier: Henkel Adhesive Technologies - Aviation, Space and Rail
    The Race for Space: Challenges and innovation for small and large satellites
  • On-Demand Webinar: Motor Potting & Encapsulation

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    This webinar will outline the different stresses and conditions of the newest motor designs, and how material and process selection can optimize performance.
  • Color Coded Two Component Epoxy

    Supplier: Master Bond, Inc.
    EP51CC is a high performance epoxy for bonding and sealing. Part A is colored white, Part B is black, and when fully mixed, it turns a uniform gray.