Product Watch


  • Thin Film; Air-Drying, Fast Oven Curing

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    With the addition of the CONAP® product portfolio to the historic ELANTAS portfolio, we have the resin solutions to protect your sensitive electronics from environmental extremes: heat, vibration, moisture, and chemical.

    Supplier: Epoxy Technology
    We will not stop until we have the right solution for you. We help power the automotive industry, working with market leaders to develop cutting-edge technology. From die attach, to sensors, to potting, EPO-TEK® supplies a diverse array of products to major industry-leading automotive manufacturers and after-market suppliers.  Look to ...
  • Wraptite composite sleeves offer superior design

    Supplier: Arnold Magnetic Technologies
    ENCAPSULATED MAGNETS WRAPTITE CARBON FIBER ENCAPSULATION Arnold Magnetic Technologies offers composite and metallic encapsulation solutions for a wide range of permanent magnet systems and applications. While metallic sleeved magnet containment solutions are used extensively for magnet containment, Wraptite composite sleeves offer a superior design alternative...
  • Proven Flux-Cored Wire for Robotic/Laser Soldering

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation is offering a proven, award-winning flux-cored wire for robotic and laser soldering.
  • Indium Corporation Introduces New Ball-Attach Flux

    Supplier: Indium Corporation
    Indium Corporation continues to expand its flux portfolio with WS-823—a proven, one-step ball grid array (BGA) ball-attach flux designed to eliminate the costly and warpage-inducing prefluxing step, especially on Cu-OSP substrate.
  • Innovative tapes for the electronics industry.

    Supplier: Can-Do National Tape
    From high temperature films to new innovative adhesive systems, Can-Do continues to focus on resolving key processing and application requirements.
  • The Race for Space

    Supplier: Henkel Adhesive Technologies - Aviation, Space and Rail
    The Race for Space: Challenges and innovation for small and large satellites
  • On-Demand Webinar: Motor Potting & Encapsulation

    Supplier: ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
    This webinar will outline the different stresses and conditions of the newest motor designs, and how material and process selection can optimize performance.
  • Color Coded Two Component Epoxy

    Supplier: Master Bond, Inc.
    EP51CC is a high performance epoxy for bonding and sealing. Part A is colored white, Part B is black, and when fully mixed, it turns a uniform gray.
  • Large Format Flexible Printed Circuits

    Supplier: Sheldahl Flexible Technologies - a Flex company
    Sheldahl Flexible Technologies, Inc has the unique capability to produce large format flexible printed circuits using either subtractive (photo exposing or screen printing etch resist for copper circuitry) or additive processes (screened conductive inks).