Product Watch

Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • USB 3.1 for High-speed data transfer

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    The new LEMO USB 3.1 connectors were developed to satisfy the most demanding connection requirements for high-speed data transfer using the USB protocol up to 10 Gb/s.
  • LEMO High Speed connectors

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    LEMO's precision engineered USB 3.1 and SPE connectors are reliable high speed interconnect solutions designed to withstand demanding environments using twisted pair technology.
  • HP-AT101 Series

    Supplier: BlockMaster Electronics, Inc.
    Presenting BlockMaster Electronics’ new HP-AT101 series, Rated at 50A/300V, 2 and 3 poles, line input power distribution blocks. These blocks provide a convenient means of transitioning larger gauge #2-14 wire to internally distribute #10/14 gauge secondary circuitry (thru .250“ Q.C.). Suitable for medium size appliance, HVAC, industrial products and light...
  • Q-Secure Locking Hospital Grade Power Cords

    Supplier: Qualtek Electronics Corp.
    Locking C13 NEMA Hospital Grade Power Cords
  • Multi-Directional Spring Contacts

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Harwin Extends its Multi-Directional Spring Contact Offering with New Height Options
  • How do Floating Connectors Work?

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Incorporating pins that are formed with a bend that flexes and housings that are suspended by the pins, floating connectors incorporate a spring-like action in the interior and exterior insulators. This allows the connectors to support positional tolerances across multiple axes – ‘floating’ between rows and in the direction of pitch.
  • IP68-rated Protection, Right Angle Connector

    Supplier: Ningbo Changyu Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Explore the IP68/9K-rated right angle connector, providing a stable and reliable connectivity solution for engineering automation.
  • High Bandwidth Test Socket for IC Testing

    Supplier: Smiths Interconnect
    Levan Elastomeric Contact Test Socket
  • QSFP DD Connectors

    Supplier: DigiKey
    Amphenol Communications Solutions' QSFP DD interconnect system is comprised of a 76-position, 0.8 mm pitch connector built for use in high-speed serial applications.
  • EE-SX1330-2 Photomicrosensor (Transmissive)

    Supplier: Omron Electronic Components – Americas
    The EE-SX1330-2 is an ultra-compact transmissive photomicrosensor by OMRON. With a narrow slot width of 3mm, it offers high-speed response and energy efficiency. Ideal for industrial automation and robotics, it provides reliable object detection. RoHS certified and available online, it is a compact and reliable solution for precise detection in various applications.