Product Watch

Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • Lightweight & Reliable Connectors

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    For cutting edge technology, either for speed, for future transportation, or both, then you need to specify products that deliver quality performance now. Demand a lightweight and reliable connector that performs under severe conditions of vibration & shock, high temperature and humidity.
  • What is a Floating Connector?

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
  • High Flexibility PCB Terminal Blocks: 3.81mm Pitch

    Supplier: Ningbo Changyu Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    CYE210RM-3.81 PCB terminal blocks offer high flexibility and stability, suitable for various equipment designs and applications. Manufactured with high-quality resin, they enhance product stability, weather resistance, and electrical safety. Its plug-in module design makes PCB replacement easier, while the screw flange locking ensures mechanical stability.
  • Precision RF Coax Connectors for Demanding Signals

    Supplier: Shenzhen Beike(Bexkom) Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Discover unparalleled precision in signal transmission with our latest RF coax connectors. Perfect for high-demand applications, these connectors ensure minimal signal loss and optimal performance.
  • The Connector Expert Has Your Best Connection

    Supplier: Anderson Power Products
    Over 100 years as a global leader in designing and manufacturing electrical power products. Anderson offers innovative, state of the art electrical power connector solutions, combined with a long-standing reputation for reliable and rugged connectors.
  • Specialized cables for sophisticated machinery

    Supplier: Cooner Wire Company
    Intricate wiring and cabling needs? Our specialized cables ensure that precise commands are transmitted accurately, minimizing errors and downtime. Learn More
  • New Space Success for Harwin's 1.25mm Pitch High-Reliability Gecko Connectors

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Harwin announces that its high-reliability Gecko connectors have been successfully launched and ejected into low Earth orbit (LEO).
  • Introducing Flecto: The Latest Evolution of Floating Board-to-Board Connectors

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Board-to-board connectors are widely adopted with the demands of modern systems meaning that often more than one connector is needed between PCBs.
  • BlockMaster’s HVAC Terminal Blocks

    Supplier: BlockMaster Electronics, Inc.
    BlockMaster’s has a variety of terminal blocks for the HVAC industry. These blocks include tab terminal blocks, medium power blocks, and high power blocks. Ratings are: 250V/25A for Tab Terminals; 300V/50A for Medium Power Terminal Blocks; and 600V/90A-380A for High Power Terminal Blocks.
  • Wall and Rail Mounting Receptacles

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech offers UL approved receptacles with panel, wall, DIN rail, and built-in options, 15A/125V AC rating, IP54 finger protection, thermoplastic insulation, and three colors.