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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • ThermoThin Wire will save you space and weight

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Alpha Wire’s new ThermoThin hook-up wire addresses your need for a high-temperature wire that saves space and weight. ThermoThin is versatile enough to use within many industries, but It is well suited for oil and gas, semiconductor, energy generation and productions, and military applications where space is at a premium and extreme temperatures must be withstood.
  • Online Connector Configurator

    Design engineers can find the right connector for a specific application in just a few clicks, with Phoenix Contact’s new connector configurator. The online tool features filter images and menus, 2D and 3D downloads, and an easy-to-use interface, so the designer can configure the exact PCB terminal block connector desired. Designers can choose from many customization options...
  • Rugged XLR Cable Connector with CAT 5e Performance

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Neutrik 10 Position XLR Cable Connectors are rated for power up to 16A and 50V and feature an all metal housing that provides RF protection and electromagnetic shielding. These rugged connectors are ideal for professional audio, video and stage lighting equipment applications.
  • Mouser Ships Sealed Power & Data Connectors.

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Available in 3, 8 and 12 pole configurations rated up to 600V and 13A, Bulgin 4000 Series Buccaneer Connectors feature a highly robust Valox PC/PBT construction and quick-turn bayonet coupling mechanism that meet IP66, IP68 and IP69K standards. The 4000 Series is perfect for designs requiring fast, dustproof and watertight power connections where space is limited.
  • Secure & Reliable EPICĀ® Connectors

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Whether your application is power, control, or signal/data, the Lapp Group’s EPIC® connectors offer performance you can count on.
  • Data cable that is robust and durable

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    UNITRONIC® is a multi-conductor flexible industrial signal & control cable that is used in external wiring of equipment.
  • Hermetic Connectors: Ceramic vs. Glass Seals

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    Here are the top 5 reasons to consider polycrystalline ceramic over glass seals fo hermetic connectors.
  • Cables that endure harsh environment environments

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation.
  • Modular housings for embedded systems

    Design flexibility for PCBs Modular housings for embedded systems and other PCB form factors Phoenix Contact’s new Universal Case System (UCS) gives design engineers a flexible housing option for nearly any printed circuit board (PCB) project. This family of IP40 enclosures can accommodate multiple PCBs in embedded systems and other PCB form factors. ...
  • FREE sample of the 7TCE Cable For Servo Motor Applications

    Supplier: Lapp Group
    Lapp Group USA has introduced its ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7TCE, a highly flexible, oil-resistant servo cable with TC-ER approval. Because it is suitable for use directly on industrial machines and in cable trays, this new cable eliminates the need for two different kinds of cable or the use of conduit in run.