Product Watch

Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • High Current "True" Zero ohm SMT Jumpers

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    High current "True" Zero ohm SMT Jumpers are designed to replace "Zero" ohm resistors without changing board designs or layouts. Manufactured from Copper with Silver Plating, these jumpers provide an identical footprint as a zero ohm resistor. Jumpers provide a low resistance circuit linkage making them ideal for high-density, high current PCB packages on power and aluminum back p...
  • UL Recognized Male PCB Quick-Fit Terminals

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Innovative Male PCB Quick Fit terminals designed to hold up under repeated mating cycles are in stock and ready for delivery. Available in Surface Mount as well as horizontal and vertical Thru Hole Mount configurations. The space saving design makes them ideal for use in dense PCB boards and offer easy access for connecting and disconnecting Quick-Fit female terminals. Our...
  • LEMO connectors are medically approved.

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    The LEMO Premium Plastic series has been designed to meet international safety and performance standards for medical devices. We offer a wide range of plastic connectors which can withstand multiple sterilisation cycles, as well as single use connectors where sterilisation is not possible.
  • Altech Terminal Strips / Eurostrips┬«

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Eurostrips by Altech are a modern, efficient wire-to-wire connection solution with a touch-proof design, customizable pole needs, easy installation, and gas-tight connection, accompanied by various accessories.
  • Centaur Series Solder Tail Connectors

    Supplier: DigiKey
    The Centaur series high-speed, high-density, ruggedized connector system utilizes the advantages of Amphenol Aerospace's extensive legacy of Mil-Spec connectors and the latest in high-speed contact and connector technology.
  • Automotive Electrical Connectors

    Supplier: Ningbo Changyu Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Explore high-performance automotive electrical connectors featuring IP67 protection, optimized Primary Lock Reinforcement (PLR), and exceptional durability and stability.
  • High-Temperature Compatible New Energy Connectors

    Supplier: Shenzhen Bexkom Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Bexkong leads the industry with high-performance new energy connectors, meeting your demands for high temperature, wear resistance, high current, and high voltage.
  • Hi-Rel Connectors for Board-to-Board Spacing

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Harwin Hi-Rel Connectors Deliver Greater Board-to-Board Spacing
  • High-Performance 5A Type-C SMD USB Connector

    Supplier: LCSC Electronics Technology (HK) Limited
    The TYPE-C-31-M-12 from Korean Hroparts Elec is a high-performance SMD USB connector capable of delivering 5A of power with 16 pins. Suitable for various applications, this product is readily available in stock from distributor LCSC Electronics Technology (HK) Limited.
  • ITT Cannon Trident Reliable Circular Connectors

    Supplier: PEI-Genesis
    Ultra Versatile Trident Connectors for Heavy-Duty Applications from ITT Cannon Cannon’s cost-effective Trident series comes in shielded metal/plastic circular/snap-togeth er, mixed power and signal variants, an IP67 sealing, high voltage capability & durability up to 500 mating cycles.