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Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System Teardown

01 December 2012
The following is an overview of a teardown analysis conducted by IHS Benchmarking.

IHS Insight Perspective

UConnect Touch is Chrysler's newest infotainment platform which had initially launched on the 2011 Chrysler 300, Dodge Journey, and Dodge Charger. This new platform, dubbed as CTP (Consumer Telematics Platform), has been received very well and is expanding onto many new models for the 2012, 2013, and 2014 model years. This system was a departure from their prior UConnect architectures which is classified as an All-in-One Infotainment system. The new UConnect Touch system uses a modular approach which links up a 8.4-inch resistive touch display, with a headunit, device interfaces, and an instrument cluster display using Chrysler's new PowerNet Electrical Architecture.

Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1
Furthermore, this UConnect Touch platform adds an embedded cellular module for MY2013, with sales starting on the RAM 1500 Full-Size Pickup. While the architecture is similar, this iteration of UConnect Touch is supplied by one of Panasonic's competitors, Harman. The CTP, starting in MY2011, is still in development phase as Chrysler moves to increase its respective brand's technological prowess amongst tough competition from GM, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others.

Overall Significance

This teardown analysis is of two modules which compose the heart of the Chrysler Uconnect system: a display / touchscreen module, and a core "head unit" that houses the CD/DVD drive, XM (SDARS) satellite radio tuner, and audio electronics. This core unit also seems to have quite a bit of onboard processing and is therefore assumed to be doing the voice recognition function onboard. The modularity of the two items (which appear to be a seamless unit to the consumer - as seen from the outside world) makes sense as it allows Chrysler to offer other display options but maintain the same core head unit. It also improves serviceability.

Feature Significance

Like so many smartphones and tablets we analyze - the choice of display and touchscreen are key in such contemporary head units. This Chrysler Uconnect display assembly (Panasonic 05064798AH) is defined by the choice of an 8.4" Diagonal, LTPS TFT display with 640 x 480 resolution, and a conventional 4-wire resistive touchscreen.

The main unit (Panasonic 05091038ZH), features a CD/DVD combo drive (to support rear seat entertainment, as well as audio), an XM Satellite radio receiver, and 12GB of NAND Flash (4GB of SLC NAND, and 8GB of conventional MLC NAND Flash), and it also has an SD memory card slot for expansion. This unit features navigation as well.

Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1
Design Significance

The two modules in the Chrysler Uconnect system we analyzed are from Panasonic (it is assumed that Chrysler has two sources for these components, which is typical, even though to the consumer it's an "invisible" choice). The display and touchscreen are one module (Panasonic 05064798AH) and the head unit another (Panasonic 05091038ZH). This is a very similar modularization scheme to what we found in the Ford Edge head unit system - however in that case there were actually 3 modules - a head unit, a display module, and separate computer for the "Ford Sync" functionality. Here it seems like the head unit serves double duty when compared with the Ford system. The Uconnect head unit has a lot of processors and components in it as it serves as both the central processor for the whole infotainment system as well as the audio/video core for the system.

Target Market

Chrysler vehicles

Used in a variety of Chrysler vehicles.


MY2011 Chrysler 300

This system was launched with the Chrysler 300 2011 model year.

Pricing and Availability


Uconnect is broadly defined for a number of different Chrysler vehicles and configurations appear to vary from vehicle to vehicle. We found some online pricing for 05064798AH (referred to as "center stack" - at around $1000USD, with a list price of $1270USD. Furthermore we found the 05091038ZH at around $1700USD with a list price of $2050 USD. When bundled in a vehicle or sold as an option it's difficult to weed out the "retail price" when purchased installed in the vehicle.

North America

Volume Estimations

500,000 Annual Production Volume
10 Production Lifecycle in Years

For the purposes of this teardown analysis, we have assumed an Annual Production Volume of 500000 units and a Product Lifetime Volume of 10 year(s).

Note that because of the modularity of the system the volumes could potentially be different as Chrysler may also offer different size display modules for different car models.
Teardown volume and production assumptions are primarily used for our cost analysis in terms of amortized NRE and tooling costs, especially for custom components specific to the model being analyzed (mechanical components especially). Unless assumed volumes are different by an order of magnitude, minor changes in volume (say 1 million vs. 2) rarely have a large net effect on our final analysis because of this.

Cost Notes

This system is built by Panasonic, and though Panasonic are a well-known company with a broad product range, we do know that in many cases Japanese electronic OEMs, especially when sourcing from other Japanese component OEMs, tend to pay elevated prices for these components. Due to the longstanding nature of the relationships between such companies, these component markets tend to have less vigorous price competition.

Panasonic 05064798AH

The Top 10 Components listed below account for 92% of the total BOM cost for the display unit.

Chimei Innolux LAJ084T001A Display Module - 8.4" Diagonal, LTPS TFT, 640 x 480 Pixels, 14 Backlight LEDs- (Qty: 1)
Touchscreen Overlay - 8.4" Diagonal, 4-Wire Resistive, ITO Film over Glass, w/ Integral Flex PCB- (Qty: 1)
Renesas uPD70F3368GJ(A)-GAE-AX MCU - 32-Bit, V850ES CPU Core, 32MHz, 1024KB Flash, 60KB RAM, 16-Channel 10-Bit ADC, 128 I/Os, Automotive- (Qty: 1)
4-Layer - FR4, Lead-Free- (Qty: 1)
Display Mounting Bracket - Stamped / Formed Electro-Galvanized Steel- (Qty: 1)
Texas Instruments DS90UR124QVS FPD-Link II Deserializer - 24-Bit, 5-43MHz, DC-Balanced, Automotive- (Qty: 1)
Rohm BD9006HFP Regulator - DC-DC Converter, Switching, Step-Down, Adjustable, 2A, 5%- (Qty: 2)
Enclosure, Main, Bottom - Stamped / Formed Electro-Galvanized Steel- (Qty: 1)
Enclosure, Main, Top - Stamped / Formed Electro-Galvanized Steel- (Qty: 1)
Rohm BD8117EFV Power Management IC- (Qty: 1)

Panasonic 05091038ZH

THe top 10 components listed below account for 57% of the total BOM cost of the Head Unit.

CD/DVD Drive - Slot Load, Internal, with Flex PCB and 3 LEDs, Contains Panasonic MN2DS0016AAUB Chipset Solution- (Qty: 1)
Toshiba Semiconductor TC58NVG5D2FTAI0 Flash - SLC NAND, 4GB- (Qty: 1)
SDARS Module- (Qty: 1)
Sandisk SDIN4C2-8G Flash - iNAND, 8GB, MLC- (Qty: 1)
Meiko Electronics - (Qty: 1)
Texas Instruments OMAP2530CIZAC400 OMAP Processor - ARM11 Dual Core, 400MHz- (Qty: 1)
Renesas R8A77233J400BG MCU - 32-Bit, SH-Mobile R2, SH-4A CPU Core, 400MHz, 16KB RAM, 32Kb+32Kb+256Kb Cache Memory, 4-Channel 10-Bit ADC- (Qty: 1)
Epson Toyocom XV-8000CB Gyroscope - Single-Axis, Automotive- (Qty: 1)
Renesas uPD70F3368GJ(A)-GAE-AX MCU - 32-Bit, V850ES CPU Core, 32MHz, 1024KB Flash, 60KB RAM, 16-Channel 10-Bit ADC, 128 I/Os, Automotive- (Qty: 1)

Not Included in Analysis

The total materials and manufacturing costs reported in this analysis reflect ONLY the direct materials cost (from component vendors and assorted EMS providers), AND manufacturing with basic test. Not included in this analysis are costs above and beyond the material manufacture of the core device itself cost of intellectual property, royalties and licensing fees (those not already included into the per component price), software, software loading and test, shipping, logistics marketing and other channel costs including not only EMS provider and the OEM's margin, but that of other resellers. Our cost analysis is meant to focus on those costs incurred in the manufacture of the core device and exceptionally in some circumstances the packaging and literature as well.

We do provide an Excel tab "Overall Costs" where a user can enter their known pre and post production costs to build a per unit cost reflective of theirs actual expenditures.

Manufacturing Notes

These units were labeled as made in Mexico, and is likely made, in-house, by Panasonic Automotive Systems de Mexico in Reynosa. Many Japanese and Korean manufacturers are using their own facilities in Mexico to perform integration of systems for the North American market. Based on documents found we believe that PCBA production is also performed in Mexico (not just final systems integration).

Country of Origin

For the purposes of this analysis, we are assuming the following country(ies) of origin for each level of assembly, based on a combination of "Made In" markings, and/or assumptions based on our knowledge of such equipment.

Display / Touchscreen - Mexico
Main PCB - Mexico
Misc PCB Assemblies - Mexico
Other - Enclosures / Final Assembly - Mexico

Country of origin assumptions relate directly to the associated cost of manufacturing, where calculated by iSuppli. In the cases of finished" sub-assemblies (such as CD drives), we do not calculate internal manufacturing costs, but rather assess the market price of the finished product in which case country of origin assumptions may or may not have a direct effect on pricing.

Labor rates are applied directly only to hand inserted components and systems in our bill of materials, and although regional assumptions do, these new rates do not have a direct effect on our modeled calculations of placement costs for automated SMD assembly lines. Auto inserted components (such as SMT components) placement costs are calculated by an iSuppli algorithm which allocates a cost per component based on the size and pincount of the device. This calculation is affected by country or region of origin as well.

Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 1
Design Complexity

Component counts by assembly and the number of assembly are indicators of design complexity and efficiency.

Panasonic 05064798AH

Component Qty: - Misc PCB Assemblies
Component Qty: 3 - Display / Touchscreen
Component Qty: 543 - Main PCB
Component Qty: 20 - Other - Enclosures / Final Assembly
Component Qty: 566 - Grand Total

Panasonic 05091038ZH

Component Qty: 1212 - Misc PCB Assemblies
Component Qty: - Display / Touchscreen
Component Qty: 816 - Main PCB
Component Qty: 63 - Other - Enclosures / Final Assembly
Component Qty: 2091 - Grand Total

The total component counts in the two modules are summarized above. In aggregate at a total of 2657 components this system figures favorably, when compared with other head units, in terms of overall component count and system complexity. Head units (with displays and touchscreens) can range from 2000 to 5000 components at the high end - though most are 2000 to 4000 components making this system straightforward to produce.

Design Notes

Display Unit - Panasonic 05064798AH: The core display is a Chimei Innolux LAJ084T001A, which is an 8.4" Diagonal, LTPS TFT, 640 x 480 Pixels, with 14 Backlight LEDs. The touchscreen is conventional 4-Wire Resistive, ITO Film over Glass, w/ Integral Flex PCB. Resistive panels are still chosen for their reliability and low cost - it's a mature technology. There's a 32-bit MCU from Renesas at it's core (uPD70F3368GJ(A)-GAE-AX). This is typical in automotive electronics - every module has it's own central cortex in the form of MCUs - even window switches have this nowadays. It's very "distributed" architecture.

Head Unit - Panasonic 05091038ZH: Key components include the CD/DVD Drive (source unknown - likely Matsushita), the SDARS module (unknown source - but features same key components as the Ford Edge head unit we tore down: St Micro's STA280BB (Baseband) and STA210N3A tuner IC), significant on-board NAND Flash, amd a host of MCUs including a TI OMAP2530 processor, and two Renesas 32-bit MCUs (R8A77233J400BG and uPD70F3368GJ(A)-GAE-AX). The circuitry to support navigation functionality is all here too including a high precision gyroscope (Epson Toyocm) and a Mediatek chip solution - an interesting choice for a Japanese automotive product.

Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 5 (Panasonic 05091038ZH) Chrysler Uconnect Touch 8.4N Infotainment System - Device View 5 (Panasonic 05091038ZH)

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