Product Watch


  • X2 Capacitors for Noise Suppression

    Supplier: Digi-Key Electronics
    TDK Corporation series of very compact EPCOS X2 capacitors are suitable for noise suppression. They are rated for 275 VAC and cover a capacitance spectrum from 33 nF to 1 µF. Depending on the capacitance value, the interference suppression components have lead spaces of 10 mm (B32921X* / Y*) 15 mm (B32922X* / Y*) and 22.5 mm (B32923X* / Y*).
  • Heavy Duty, Media-Isolated Pressure Transducers

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Honeywell Sensing & Control MIP Series Heavy Duty, Media-Isolated Pressure Transducers were designed for use with a wide range of media, including aggressive fluids and water. The series offers EMC performance and reliable operation in EM/RF fields and electrical devices.
  • High Voltage Inductors for Powerful Applications

    Supplier: ITG Electronics, Inc.
    ITG Electronics, Inc. is introducing a new line of high voltage inductors made with industry in mind. These robust magnetics can withstand up to 400 VDC and up to 10.3A all while remaining compact and highly energy effecient.
  • How does Temperature Influence a Transformer

    Supplier: Triad Magnetics
    An increase in temperature has the potential to shorten the transformer’s lifespan.
  • FREE SAMPLES - 1200V, 56A Silicon Carbide Module

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    Richardson RFPD is over-stocked on this Vincotech Silicon Carbide module and willing to negotiate on pricing to support your requirement. These are all original manufacturers’ modules. Contact us for samples to evaluate the quality of these modules and, potentially, overcome the challenges initiating new designs in this supply chain environment. Features: - Full SiC Dua...
  • Transformers from Acme Electric

    Supplier: Automation24, Inc.
    Industrial and buck-boost transformers provide low and safe control voltage for operation of your internal cabinet.
  • Availability of Select Small-Signal Discrete Parts

    Supplier: Linear Systems
    Linear Systems, a world class producer of ultra low noise JFETS and other small-signal discrete semiconductors, has large-scale availability of five of its world-class components.
  • High Frequency RF Power ceramic Capacitor

    Supplier: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Description: High Voltage,High Frequency RF Power CapacitorFor Induction Heating Machine,Vishay Draloric,HEC RF Capacitor replacement.

    Supplier: Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.
    Advanced Linear Devices Introduces Industry-First Nano-Power Precision P-Channel MOSFET Device to Meet Always-On Power Demands
  • HV Ceramic Capacitor for General Manufacturing

    Supplier: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    HVC Capacitor announced they have launched special custom product range as replacement of Murata's high voltage ceramic capacitors in lead type and Screw Terminal (doorknob) Type, concerned part number from DHS / DHK / DHR / DHC, voltage from 2KV,3KV,6KV to 10kv,12kv,15kv, 20kv to 50kv.