Product Watch


  • CDE AC Harmonic Filter Capacitor w/ Dual Failsafe

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Cornell Dubilier Electronics Capacitor Series is rated at 6,000 hours; new Patented Design Safely Expands Mounting Options
  • New Passive Technologies for 5G Applications

    Supplier: Newark, An Avnet Company
    What we will cover: Brief Introduction to 5G Implications of range and data rates Applications of the different types of Polymers Tools to help select capacitors Q&A
  • 2W Ushio Red Laser Diodes HL63290HD and HL63520HD

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    HL63290HD and HL63520HD are two new high powered laser diodes from Ushio.
  • DKIV-1 High Current Choke W/ Vertical Design

    Supplier: Schurter
    SCHURTER high current vertical choke, DKIV-1 is ideal for multistage filter applications where combined use of a vertical choke and a horizontal choke reduces interference of corresponding magnetic fields. With max. rating of 50 A, DKIV-1 chokes offer small footprint for THT terminals on PCB. Open design contributes to light weight and heat dissipation. Temperature range -40 °C to +1...
  • Catagories for MCU,Mosfet,IGBT,Capacitor

    We provide reliable component selection support,cooperate with customers to reduce costs,enhance customers’competitiv e advantages in new markets,and strengthen customers’superior business performance.
  • New Yorker Electronics named ECIA Member of Week

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    Certified Distributor of Passive Components and Discrete Semiconductors Earns distinction for Final Week of September
  • Semiconductors for Welding Applications

    Supplier: Fuji Electric Corp. of America
    Fuji Electric offers rugged and reliable IGBT Modules that keep your welding operation running at peak levels.

    Supplier: World Star Tech
    World Star Tech offers a complete line of lasers for the above applications from 375 nm to 980 nm. All our standard lasers can be customized to suit the specifications of the application.
  • P2500-M Multiple Section Potentiometer

    Supplier: Novotechnik U.S., Inc.
    2, 3 section versions for redundancy Up to 6 section versions available (minimum quantities apply) High precision with repeatability of 0.01° Very high resolution of 0.01° Very good linearity and interlinearity Long life of 50 million movements Unrestricted continuous rotation Applications: ship controls,...
  • High Frequency RF Power ceramic Capacitor

    Supplier: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Description: High Voltage,High Frequency RF Power CapacitorFor Induction Heating Machine,Vishay Draloric,HEC RF Capacitor replacement.