Product Watch


  • Red Spec Printed Circuit Audio Transformers

    Supplier: Triad Magnetics
    Highly reliable, these transformers are durable and precise. Manufactured with epoxy molded cases, gold plated leads, and an operational range of 300 Hz to 100 kHz, these transformers are ideal for a range of applications.
  • High Frequency Output Transformers Is Our Strength

    Supplier: Amp-Line Corp.
    We manufacture standard and custom transformers for our clients. Most of our transformer orders are custom designs. We will provide quotation upon receiving the following information. 1. Brief Description of Application 2. Primary Voltage 3. Secondary Voltage 4. Frequency Range 5. Output Power Most of the transformers we make are single phase transfo...
  • Open Core Control Transformers

    Open core control transformers that provide a flexible solution for stepping down a variety of primary voltages ranging from 208 to 550 VAC
  • NPN Transistor for Signal Processing-MMBT2222ALT1G

    Supplier: Win Source Electronics
    MMBT2222ALT1G - Your Reliable Choice for Industrial and Automotive Applications
  • Semiconductor Applications Page

    Supplier: Fuji Electric Corp. of America
    Did you know Semiconductors are used in everyday applications? From automobiles to home appliances and many more. Check out how our Semiconductor products keep operations going!
  • Extremely Low Torque Potentiometer

    Supplier: Novotechnik U.S., Inc.
    The P2200 has an exceptionally low operating torque requirement. This makes it suitable for applications where the system to be measured can be affected by the torque requirements of the sensor.
  • Why Choose Amorphous Inductors?

    Supplier: Hangzhou X-mag Inc.
    Explore the multifaceted benefits of amorphous inductors in 5G, electronics, automation, and automotive sectors.
  • TYPE MYH, Y2, EMI, RFI Suppression Capacitors

    Supplier: Cornell Dubilier
    The MYH series of Y2, line-to-ground EMI suppression capacitors are designed for the most challenging environments. The series passes a 2,000-hour THB test, twice the 1,000-hour industry standard for THB testing. The MYH series is AEC-Q200 qualified and possesses international agency approvals for safety and performance for Y2, line-to-ground applications.
  • Common Mode Inductors: Power and Signal Integrity

    Supplier: Hangzhou X-mag Inc.
    Common mode inductors suppress common mode noise in power supplies, signal transmission lines, and high-speed communications to improve signal quality, reduce electromagnetic interference, and enhance circuit safety and reliability. They are essential in various applications like power filters, 5G technology, and new energy vehicles.
  • Why can nanocrystalline core be ultimate?

    Supplier: Hangzhou X-mag Inc.
    Nanocrystalline core is a new type of iron core material with high magnetic permeability, low losses, and excellent thermal stability. This material offers superior performance in high-temperature and high-frequency environments, making it ideal for various critical applications.