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Analog and Digital ICs

  • EtherCATĀ® implementation made easy with XMC4300

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Infineon's new XMC4300 series reduces complexity in EtherCAT® implementation and cost in factory automation, industrial motor control, I/O modules and robotics. The XMC4300 was specifically developed for EtherCAT® industrial applications, where cost pressure places a premium on design flexibility, connectivity and performance without compromise to EtherCAT® communication feat...
  • 3-channel LED Flash Driver I2C Control Interface

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    SKY81298 is a high-efficiency, high-current boost converter with three independently programmable constant current outputs. The device is optimized for LED flash applications implementing tri-tone flash LED color compensation, or dual rear LED flash plus single front LED flash to support “selfie” pictures taken from the front-facing camera. The SKY81298 uses a single DC/DC bo...
  • New Biosensors from IST AG

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    Reliable enzyme based amperometric Bio sensors provide excellent long term monitoring of living organisms. Enzymes are immobilized in a stack of four permeable polymeric membranes on top of a platinum micro electrode. Multi parametric measurement is provided for glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate, which play an important role in the metabolism of living organisms.
  • LNA Front-end Modules for GPS/GNSS/BDS

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Skyworks offers two new global navigation low-noise amplifier front-end modules with integrated filters: the SKY65713-11 and SKY65715-81. Both solutions support products integrating GNSS functionality such as smartphones, personal navigation devices, wearables, machine to machine (M2M) systems, base stations, asset tracking instruments, professional radios and Internet of Things appl...
  • New global navigation low noise amplifiers

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Skyworks introduces two new global navigation low noise amplifiers. The SKY65605-21 and SKY65611-21 are both designed for BeiDou/GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver applications and are optimized to operate from 1559 to 1606 MHz. Each device integrates all output matching components, thereby requiring only a single external input matching component. Ideal applications include smartphones, perso...
  • High-Speed RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers

    Supplier: Renesas Electronics Corporation
    Intersil's ISL3159E/79E RS-485/RS-422 transceivers deliver 40Mbps transmission performance over an extended temperature range, enabling precise control of motor positioning in factory automation applications. Available in an ultra-small package, the ISL3179E 3.3V and ISL3159E 5V transceivers offer greater design flexibility for supply voltage, board space savings and rugged environments.
  • Pre-Certified, Low Cost RF Data Modules

    Supplier: Linx Technologies
    Linx Technologies introduces its new pre-certified, low cost RF data modules. The HumPRO™ Series transceiver is built on the popular Hummingbird platform, and is a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceiver designed for the reliable transfer of digital data.
  • Flexible, low-jitter universal output buffers

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    The 5P1103 and 5P1105 are programmable fanout buffers with universal out­puts and very low additive phase jitter. Configurations can be stored in on-chip one-time programmable (OTP) memory or changed using an I2C interface. The small package and flexible output configuration saves board space, reduces component count and lowers system cost.
  • VersaClock 5 with Integrated Crystal

    Supplier: Integrated Device Technology
    The 5P49V5933 and 5P49V5935 are programmable clocks with an integrated crystal. The low-power clock generators have excellent jitter performance and design flexibility. The integrated crystal saves board space and eliminates crystal tuning challenges. The new device meets the stringent jitter requirements of PCI Express® Gen 1/2/3, USB 3.0, and 1G/10G Ethernet.
  • Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs address advanced requirements for security, high reliability and low power. These next-generation FPGAs are critical for industrial, military, aviation, communications and medical applications. They integrate a reliable flash-based FPGA fabric, 166MHz ARM® Cortex®-M3 Microcontroller subsystem and advanced security processing accelerators. A single...