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Analog and Digital ICs

  • Skyworks' Family of Next Gen 802.11ax Solutions

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Skyworks is pleased to introduce its new portfolio of 802.11ax wireless connectivity solutions that are enabling some of the fastest download and upload speeds.
  • Automotive & Industrial Grade Crystal Oscillator

    Supplier: Abracon LLC
    Automotive and Industrial Grade CMOS SMD Crystal Oscillator - ASEAIG Features: • Miniature size and low profile • AEC-Q200 qualified • Seam sealed ceramic package assures high precision and reliability
  • Choosing reliable magnetics for automotive designs

    Supplier: TT Electronics
    It’s hard not to feel some empathy for basic passive components. Why so? While active devices such as processors, power-management ICs, discrete power devices, and RF components get lots of designer (and media) consideration, those humble resistors, capacitors, and magnetics often get far less in comparison. They’re expected to do one thing, do it well, and do it under diffic...
  • CMOS Real-Time Clock - BU9873

    Supplier: ROHM Semiconductor GmbH
    I²C BUS Serial Interface RTC With High-Precision Oscillation Adjustment The BU9873 is a CMOS real-time clock, which has a built-in interrupt generation function.
  • Optical Proximity & Ambient Light Sensor

    Supplier: ROHM Semiconductor GmbH
    RPR-0521RS is a module that includes optical proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and infrared LED. It enables lowering current consumption and/or improving the screen visibility under the bright environment.
  • Skyworks Launches SkyOne® LiTE

    Supplier: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Skyworks is pleased to introduce SkyOne® LiTE, a highly integrated front-end solution for LTE mobile devices.
  • Littelfuse PLEDs Support Replacing Fluorescent

    Supplier: Littelfuse, Inc.
    Littelfuse, Inc. today introduced a series of PLEDs with an ultra-low holding current (just 21mA) that makes the ballast drivers widely used in the output of fluorescent tubes compatible with modern replacement LED strings or tubes. This eliminates the need to scrap otherwise still-working ballasts when replacing fluorescent lighting tubes with LED strings or tubes.
  • Low Power MCUs with 1MB Flash, 192KB SRAM

    Supplier: Renesas Electronics Corporation
    The Renesas Synergy™ S3A1 MCU Group offers 1MB code Flash memory, 192KB SRAM, and ultra-low power consumption in a variety of pin and package footprints. The devices are ideal for a wide range of applications, including wearables, portable medical and fitness devices, building automation, fire and security control, thermostats, and more.
  • Gear tooth sensor with high sensitivity

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    TMR4001 TMR Gear tooth sensor with high sensitivity to magnetic field The TMR400X magnetic gear tooth sensors utilize a unique push-pull Wheatstone bridge design, including one or two Wheatstone full bridges, with four or eight unshielded high sensitivity TMR sensing elements.
  • 18 Channels Currency Head

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    The TMR6218 magnetic pattern recognition sensor consists of Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensing elements, a high-quality magnet, a robust plastic base with outstanding mechanical strength, and a durable non-magnetic stainless steel cover.