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Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade Teardown

18 November 2010
The following is an overview of a teardown analysis conducted by IHS Benchmarking.

Overview / Main Features

The Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 is an AdvancedTCA Processor Blade designed for communications applications that require high throughput, such as in telecom related applications. The single CPU based system is an Intel 5520 I/O Hub design with provisions for up to 48GB of memory and hot-swappable SATA hard drives.

The ATCA-73670 core silicon includes a supporting North/Southbridge chipset solution from Intel (5520 I/O hub), a FPGA as well as CPLD from Xlilinx and a Renesas MPU. There is a dual 10-gigabit ethernet controller from Intel (JL82599EB) as well as 3 additional dual port gigabit ethernet controllers (Intel JL82576EB) along with a single port gigabit ethernet controller (Intel JL82572EI).

Note that this particular server blade arrived to us without a CPU, DIMM memory cards or storage drives, and therefore, were left out of the bill of materials (BOM). Compared to the previous analysis (ATAC-7350), the pricing in this analysis reflect a much lower volume assumptions [stated from the client], hence, direct comparisons to the previous ATAC-7350 pricing (with higher volumes) is not suggested. Furthermore, we've provided a second set of more competitive benchmark pricing to provide a glimpse into a scenario of more favorable manufacturer costs (to illustrate the case of better volume purchasing leverage).
Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade Main ImageEmerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade Main Image
Target Market

Telecom Operators


Per press release, first introduced on June 21st, 2010.

Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Motherboard TopEmerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Motherboard Top
Pricing and Availability

Pricing - Not found

Availability - Assumed to have global availability.

Volume Estimations

For the purposes of this teardown analysis, we have assumed a lifetime production volume of 50K units.

As a reminder, teardown volume production assumptions are primarily used for our cost analysis in terms of amortized NRE and tooling costs, especially for custom components specific to the model being analyzed (mechanical components especially). Unless assumed volumes are different by an order of magnitude, minor changes in volume (say 1 million vs. 2) rarely have a large net effect on our final analysis because of this.

Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Motherboard BottomEmerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Motherboard Bottom

Cost Notes

Major Cost Drivers (Representing ~65% of Total Direct Materials Costs)

Intel - JL82576EB - Ethernet Controller - Gigabit LAN, Dual Port, PCI Express (Qty:3)

Intel - JL82599EB - Ethernet Controller - 10 Gigbit LAN, Dual Port, PCI Express

Point-of-Load Module Value Line Item

SynQor - PQ60120QEA25NNS-G - Point-of-Load Module Value Line Item - DC-DC Converter, 35-75V Input, 12V Output, 25A, 300W

Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. - 16-Layer - FR4

ERNI - 973032 - Hard Metric - Female, Right Angle, 4 Rows (Qty:5)

Intel - AC5520SLGMU - Northbridge - I/O Hub

Heatsink - Extruded / Machined Copper Plate, Copper Fins, Copper Tubes, w/ 4 Spring-Loaded Captive Screws, Aluminum Foil & Thermal Transfer Material

Intel - JL82572EI - Ethernet Controller - Gigabit LAN, Single Port, PCI Express

Intel - AF82801JIRSLB8S - Southbridge - I/O Controller Hub (ICH10)

International Rectifier - IRF6797MPbF - MOSFET - N-Channel, 25V, 36A, w/ Integrated Schottky Diode (Qty:10)

Harting - 16041705106000 - ATCA Card Edge - Right Angle, Gold Plated Contacts

Linear Technology - LTC3828EUH#PBF - Regulator - DC-DC Controller, Dual, 2-Phase, Step-Down, w/ Tracking (Qty:3)

International Rectifier - IRF6797MPbF - MOSFET - N-Channel, 25V, 36A, w/ Integrated Schottky Diode (Qty:8)

Total BOM $884.08

Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade Cost AnalysisEmerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade Cost Analysis

What Is Not Included in our Cost Analysis

The total materials and manufacturing costs reported in this analysis reflect ONLY the direct materials cost (from component vendors and assorted EMS providers), AND manufacturing with basic test. Not included in this analysis are costs above and beyond the material manufacture of the core device itself - cost of intellectual property, royalties and licensing fees (those not already included into the per component price), software, software loading and test, shipping, logistics marketing and other channel costs including not only EMS provider and the OEM's margin, but that of other resellers. Our cost analysis is meant to focus on those costs incurred in the manufacture of the core device and exceptionally in some circumstances the packaging and literature as well.

Manufacturing Notes

OEM/ODM/EMS Relationships / Manufacturing

It is our understanding that this server was manufactured in China. In the past, we have analyzed Emerson Network Power ATAC processor blade that was directly attributed to Huawei - however, in this case, we could not make that determination.

Country of Origin / Volume Assumptions

We based this analysis on the assumption that this server blade was manufactured in China. Furthermore, we have assumed that custom mechanicals (plastics, metals, etc. were also sourced in China.).

Country of origin assumptions relate directly to the associated cost of manufacturing, where calculated by iSuppli. In the cases of 'finished' sub-assemblies (such as heat sinks), we do not calculate internal manufacturing costs, but rather assess the market price of the finished product in which case country of origin assumptions may or may not have a direct effect on pricing.

Remember also that labor rates are applied directly only to hand inserted components and systems in our bill of materials, and although regional assumptions do, these new rates do not have a direct effect on our modeled calculations of placement costs for automated SMD assembly lines. "Auto inserted components (such as SMT components) placement costs are calculated by an iSuppli algorithm which allocates a cost per component based on the size and pin count of the device. This calculation is affected by country or region of origin as well.

Design for Manufacturing / Device Complexity

The Emerson ATCA-7367server blade has a total component count of 3826 components. This complexity metric is very close to the ATAC-7350 (3775 components) previously analyzed.

Component counts have a direct bearing on the overall manufacturing cycle times and costs, and also can increase or decrease overall yields and re-work. Our calculations of manufacturing costs factor counts and more qualitative complexities in the design.

Note that manual labor has a much smaller effect on auto-insertion assembly lines (for the Main PCB, for example), where manufacturing costs are much more capital equipment intensive and driven by these investment costs.

Design Notes

Here is a summary of the major subsystems and components in the Emerson ATCA-7367 Processor Blade:



  • Northbridge - Intel - AC5520SLGMU
  • Southbridge - Intel - AF82801JIRSLB8S (ICH10)

I/O & Interface

  • Ethernet Controller - Intel - JL82599EB, 10 Gigbit LAN, Dual Port, PCI Express
  • Ethernet Controller - Intel - JL82576EB, Gigabit LAN, Dual Port, PCI Express (Qty. 3)
  • Ethernet Controller - Intel - JL82572EI, Gigabit LAN, Single Port, PCI Express

MCU & Glue Logic

  • FPGA - Xilinx - XC3S500E-4FG320C
  • CPLD - Xilinx - XC95144XL-5TQG144C
  • MCU - Renesas - HD64F2166TE


Emerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Enclosure MechanicalsEmerson Network Power ATCA-7367 Processor Blade - Enclosure Mechanicals

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