Product Watch


  • Webinar: Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Icons

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    Radiant Vision Systems presents the first automated visual inspection solution to combine photometric measurement with machine vision image analysis and registration, enabling complete backlit component inspection in a single vision system.
  • Webinar: Measurement for Vehicle Lighting

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    Learn about solutions for automotive light source measurement, from headlamps to light strips to LED arrays. Radiant shows how the same photometric imaging system can be applied in different measurement scenarios, and gives demonstrations of test sequences applied to measurement images in software to evaluate multiple qualities of each light source.
  • VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) Software License

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    The VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) license supplements the standard photometric analysis capabilities of Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software with registration functionality for unique illuminated regions (backlit icons and shapes) to enable defect detection and accurate photometric measurement.
  • XFdtd: 5G Array Analysis

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Traditional communication systems have relied on single antenna designs or switching between different antennas within the system for maximum throughput (diversity). 5G requires this in addition to the use of arrays to perform beam steering.
  • Digital Services that enable remote support

    Supplier: ABB Measurement & Analytics
    Keeping operations going with uninterrupted maintenance when global conditions become disruptive
  • Advanced Phased Array Design Features in XFdtd

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Remcom announces superposition simulation and array optimization in the latest release of XFdtd® 3D EM Simulation Software, further expanding the software’s capabilities for high-frequency 5G device design and beam steering analysis.
  • OR Flash for Code Storage

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Cypress offers the industry’s highest performance, most secure, low-pin-count Serial NOR Flash Memory
  • ProNest® LT nesting monthly subscription

    Supplier: Hypertherm, Inc.
    ProNest® LT is a powerful CAD/CAM part nesting software for light industrial, mechanized plasma and oxyfuel cutting. Users love the easy-to-use, built-in design tools, and the ability to import their own designs. Incorporating more than 50 years of Hypertherm cutting expertise, ProNest LT ensures the best possible part quality. Try it free for 7 days. Monthly subscriptions as low as...
  • Demonstration of XFdtd's ESD Testing Features

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Learn how to use XF's features for ESD testing as we walk through the process of analyzing a multi-layer PCB and identifying potential locations of dielectric breakdown.
  • XFdtd: ESD Testing Simulation

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Given the high cost in time and materials associated with ESD hardware testing, the ability to simulate the ESD testing process in XFdtd is extremely valuable, allowing engineers to pinpoint locations susceptible to ESD damage and optimize ESD mitigation during the concept and design stage of product development.