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  • IHS ESDU launches an exciting new ‘app’ feature

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Product Announcement IHS ESDU is excited in launching a new feature to its vast range of data capabilities – ‘The Toolbox App’ ESDU provides essential design methods and software for the aerospace, defence, transportation, energy and related industries. These methods and software are produced and rigorously validated with the collective knowl...
  • Static-to-flight Effects on Coaxial Jet Noise

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Static-to-flight Effects on Coaxial Jet Noise from Aircraft Turbofan Engines The Aircraft Noise & Structural Dynamics Group at ESDU have just issued a significant new Item, ESDU 14014, which allows the user to estimate the change in coaxial jet noise spectrum levels when moving from static to flight conditions. The Item has been prepared in collaboration w...
  • Colibri Color Management Suite Software

    Supplier: Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.
    The Colibri Color Management Suite includes four modules for specifying, formulating, analyzing, and managing brand and product colors across the supply chain. This powerful software enables users to define and share specifications, match and correct colors, monitor measurement data at each facility in real time, and coordinate color seamlessly from design to manufacturer to finis...
  • VFP Method for three-dimensional wing combinations

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Viscous full-potential (VFP) method for three-dimensional wings and wing-body combinations ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF THE VFP METHOD IS TO PROVIDE A RAPID PROCESS TO PRODUCE VALUABLE DATA TO ASSESS THE AERODYNAMIC QUALITIES OF WINGS AS PART OF THE DESIGN PROCESS VFP is a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) method coded i...
  • Benefits of Time-Domain Simulation for Auto Radar

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    This whitepaper demonstrates how XFdtd's time-domain EM simulation enables rapid development by allowing engineers to determine the performance of a fully detailed sensor model installed behind a piece of fascia without needing to build prototypes and run tests in an anechoic chamber. The analysis of a 25 GHz sensor frames the discussion.
  • Computer-based Estimation for Jet Noise

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Computer-based estimation procedure for single-stream jet noise The problems associated with the estimation of noise levels from jet engines are of particular concern to operators of jet-powered aircraft. There is a need to predict jet noise levels at many jet operating conditions. Data Item ESDU 98019 provides a computerized method for estimatin...
  • TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection Software

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    TrueTest software can be paired with any ProMetric Colorimeter to create a complete testing system for flat panel displays, backlight units, illuminated keyboards, and LED screens. Designed for high-volume production, TrueTest enables automated quality testing and defect detection, as well as defect classification based on human visual perception.
  • Coaxial Jet Noise Prediction

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    The ESDU Aircraft Noise and Structural Dynamics Group has issued a significant Item on the estimation of far-field coaxial jet noise. The Item includes a comprehensive database recently made available to ESDU by QinetiQ, on which interpolation and extrapolation are performed by the program to provide a noise prediction at the user’s jet operating conditions. The newly-availa...
  • ESDU Automotive Design Methods

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    ESDU Automotive Design Methods provides proven and validated analysis and development techniques for automotive engineering problems such as designing aluminum and composite vehicle components with lightweight, structural integrity, endurance and reduced aerodynamic drag.
  • Calculation of wing-fuselage-nacelle combinations

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Product Announcement from IHS ESDU – New Aerodynamics ESDU 13009 This methodology describes the construction of input files for the program ESDUpac A1309, which combines the prediction methods of three individual ESDU Data Items (ESDU 76015, ESDU 77012 and ESDU 78013) to evaluate the chordwise position of the aerodynamic centre of wing-fuse...