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Power and Circuit Protection

  • PWM flyback controller with integrated MOSFET

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Latest generation of quasi-resonant flyback controller and 700 V/ 800 V integrated MOSFET in both DIP and SMD package
  • TLS115xx Sensor Supply IC family

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    A monolithic integrated low-dropout voltage tracking regulator.
  • Dual 30A and Single 33A Digital Power Modules

    Supplier: Renesas Electronics Corporation
    The Intersil ISL8274M and ZL9024M digital power modules deliver the highest power density in their class and up to 95.5% peak efficiency. The PMBus-configurable devices deliver POL conversions for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs and memory used in servers, telecom, datacom, optical networking and storage equipment.
  • SCALE-iDriver ICs Optimized for IGBTs and MOSFETs

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    Click here to request samples from Richardson RFPD for Power Integrations' SCALE-iDriver™ Family of gate driver ICs. These single-channel IGBT and MOSFET drivers come in a standard eSOP package. Reinforced galvanic isolation is delivered using Power Integrations’ innovative solid insulator FluxLink™ technology. Output drive current up to 8 A (peak) enables the product t...
  • Cost & Space Saving 280W IFEC & PED Aircraft Power Solution!

    Supplier: Data Device Corporation (DDC)
    Bohemia, New York (January 2018) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new 280W converter to supply 28V power for IFEC electronics and USB charging ports for Portable Electronic Devices (PED), to up to 18 aircraft seats, with a compact, high output, and cost effective solution that delivers the industry's best power efficiency performance. The 1-14683-R converter’s space savin...
  • 800kHz 3A integrated POL voltage regulator

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Enhanced stability constant-on-time engine does not require compensation
  • DCPS-Shelf-9KW DC Power Shelf

    Supplier: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
    Eagle Eye's DCPS-Shelf-9KW is a 2U, cost competitive power shelf for high power telecom and network applications. With a modular design, low voltage disconnect for battery protection, and deployment of hot swappable (up to three) rectifiers, it is ideal for critical applications.
  • IRPS5401 POL digital voltage regulator

    Supplier: Infineon Technologies AG
    Five output point-of-load (POL) digital voltage regulator for FPGAs, ASICs and other multi-rail power systems
  • Rad Hard Quad Power Supply Sequencers

    Supplier: Renesas Electronics Corporation
    The ISL7x321SEH are the industry’s first quad power supply sequencers designed to drive point-of load (POL) regulators that power high performance FPGAs and complex, multi-rail power systems. The highly integrated sequencers provide critical reliability features, and reduce bill of materials cost by replacing discrete solutions that employ several comparators, resistors, and capaci...
  • Space-saving surge protection

    Space-saving surge protection Versatile SPD range starts at just 3.5 mm wide With modules starting at just 3.5 mm wide, the new TERMITRAB Complete surge protective devices (SPDs) can protect up to 572 signals on one meter of DIN rail. In addition to this ultra-narrow option, Phoenix Contact’s newest SPD line includes variants that meet many specific meas...