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Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics

  • Pre-Terminated Fiber—Fast Online Ordering

    Supplier: Black Box
    Faster deployments: Cut field installation time and costs by 70 to 80%. Proven performance: All cables come with a lifetime guarantee. Quick turnaround: Less than a week. Even in a day. Order online in seconds at Fiber
  • 4-Chnl ST Duplex Switch w/Voltage/Contact Closure

    Supplier: Electro Standards Laboratories
    QuickSwitch® 6253 Quad Channel ST Duplex A/B Switch with Voltage/Contact Closure Remote allows the sharing of a single port interface device among two other devices with remote access functionality. All A, B, and COM ports are ST, Multi-mode, 62.5/125 micron, and support a wavelength of 850 nm.
  • 2.4” TFT modules; IPS technology

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    Applications include any display that requires good viewing angles. Please see data sheet for ASI-T-240DA2MUND. Available now in production quantities Contact ASI Displays if you have any requirement.
  • Rosenberger fibre-optic cabling infrastructure

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Rosenberger is well-known for offering the highest standards of quality, innovation and functionality in cabling and plug solutions across a wide range of sectors, including industrial automation and Industry 4.0, telecommunication and broadcasting, data centres and building communication-infrast ructure.
  • 7.0” TFT with superior viewing & high resolution

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    ASI Displays is featuring 7.0” TFT LCD module with superior viewing angles and high resolution. ASI-T-700SA4LN/D, with a high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels; LVDS interface; luminance of 400 Nits; Contrast ratio of 800:1, view angle of 88/88/88/88 and operating temperature of -20 to + 70.
  • 5.0 TFT Display with Capacitive Touch

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    ASI Displays continues to feature a 5.0" TFT with integrated capacitive touch screen. The ASI-T-500MA6F5/D, with a luminance of 690 nits and a contrast ratio of 500:1, provides a bright 5.0" display, ideal for outdoor viewing.
  • Expands 7 new colors to its PICOLED(TM) series

    Supplier: ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC
    ROHM recently added 7 new colors to its PICOLEDTM series of low-profile, ultra-compact chip LEDs optimized for wearable tech, portable devices, and drones, allowing for greater color expression and improved design freedom.
  • 7.0” TFT modules with single voltage USB CTP

    Supplier: All Shore Industries
    ASI Displays is featuring a 7.0” TFT LCD module with a single voltage USB capacitive touch panel. ASI-T-700MA4F7/D.
  • Sound Options: Two New Audio/LED Indicator Series

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Yorker Electronics and Mallory Sonalert Partner to Deliver "Sound" Options with Two New Audio/LED Indicator Series New Audio Alarm and Stack Light Industrial Control Indicators Combine LED Lighting with State-of-the-Art Audio Capabilities
  • APDs with enhanced NIR sensitivity up to 950 nm

    Supplier: First Sensor AG
    The new Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes from First Sensor feature an increased sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 950 nm. Due to its fast rise time and very low dark current the photodiodes are ideal for applications with low light intensities and high modulation frequencies such as laser rangefinding and laser scanning.