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Electromechanical Components

  • Locking Post Assemblies

    Supplier: RAF Electronic Hardware
    Locking post assemblies are available in thread lengths of 0.312″ to 0.458″. Body diameter is standard at 3/16″ hex and body length is 3/16″ with 4-40 threads. They are available in American standard dimensions.
  • Protection against Overheating

    Supplier: STEGO, Inc.
    Extreme high temperatures in enclosures and switch cabinets may cause malfunctions of electrical and electronic components. Our filter fan range, roof filter fans and further ventilation products prevent overheating and the impairment of installations reliably.
  • Standard and Custom Liquid-Cooled Heat Sinks

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    Liquid cooling is typically used in applications where desired performance can no longer be economically met by air cooling due to thermal and/or footprint requirements. There are many ways to accomplish liquid cooling, but the most common method is to have a plate with a flow path that moves liquid under the device that is dissipating heat. After the heat is absorbed into the liquid, it...
  • Extensive Inventory of Standard Extrusion Profiles

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    Wakefield-Vette's extruded heat sinks from Richardson RFPD provide a greater range of natural convection soutions for higher power components and systems. Complex fin structures can be created by forcing raw aluminum through an extrusion die. These complex fin profiles allow greater heat dissipation through increased surface area while eliminating the cost and time associated with machin...
  • New 120-mm DC Fans Offer More Airflow, Less Noise

    Supplier: Rosenberg USA
    The new 125D-A Series DC axial fan family from Rosenberg USA delivers higher airflow with no increase in noise thanks to its saber-shaped winglet blade design. The new 120x120x38 mm fans also feature a long-life brushless DC motor available with 12, 24 or 48 VDC input for a wide range of product applications, including circuit board cooling, semi-conductor cooling or motor cooling.
  • Control Operating Requirements & Simplify Circuitry

    Supplier: E-T-A Circuit Breakers
    E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce its new ETR10 Programmable ISO Mini Micro Controlled Solid State Relay. The ETR10 combines multiple functions into a single device which ultimately help vehicle designers: simplify vehicle control circuitry, increase battery efficiency and customize the operating requirements of the vehicle.
  • DC Coil 30A PCB Relays

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield T9G DC Coil 30A PCB Relays offer up to 30A switching in normally open contact types and 20A in change over contact mode, all in a package that is 30% smaller than T9A and T9E relays. T9G relays meet UL 508 for clearance/creepage and are UL approved for 480VAC switching.
  • New Plastic Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    New selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6” wires for simplified installations.
  • Advanced 120-mm EC Fan With Winglet-Style Blades

    Supplier: Rosenberg USA
    The new ETRI Model 125E EC axial cooling fan from Rosenberg is easier to specify, performs better and offers longer life than competitive products. Its advanced design makes it a perfect choice for VFD cooling, electronic cabinet cooling and small refrigeration applications.
  • Protective cover for filter fans,

    Supplier: STEGO, Inc.
    The hose-proof hood is designed to increase the protection class and serves as a protective cover for filter fans, intake and exit filters, e.g. for the series FPI 018, FPO 018 and FF 018. It is used for protection against water projected by a hose and extreme climatic influences if located outdoors or in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions.