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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • Connectivity Solutions to Match Industrial IoT

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Harwin’s new Sycamore Contacts have been designed to fit two of the more common sizes of sensor pins available on the market today – namely those with 1mm and 1.5mm diameters.
  • Switchcraft-Conxall: High Amperage Jacks & Plugs

    Supplier: ArKco Sales, Inc.
    High Amperage, Sealed/Non-Sealed, Locking/Non-Locking Power Jacks & Plugs
  • Gecko Screw-Lok - Connectors for Harsh Environ.

    Supplier: Harwin Plc
    Harwin's Gecko range now includes screw fixing variations, known as Gecko Screw-Lok (or Gecko-SL). The range currently includes Vertical Throughboard, Vertical Surface Mount and Cable options, all in Male and Female connector types. The same high performance of the existing latched versions is maintained, with the added security of screw fixings.
  • Switchcraft-Conxall: 1/4" XLR Combo Jax

    Supplier: ArKco Sales, Inc.
    Two audio connectors in a small package. These new jacks from Switchcraft combine two of the most common audio connectors into a standard "D size" package, making it an excellent space saving option for any compact electronic design. A variety of mounting options are available for maximum flexibility.
  • NEW High Quality Line of Spring Terminal Blocks

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    NEW High Quality Line of Spring Terminal Blocks. The CX4 is the Most Compact in Industry and with other advantages.
  • New 3K.93C.Y HDTV connector

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    LEMO launches a new connector for inter connection of HD video cameras in professional broadcast industry. The new hybrid connector called 3K.93C.Y is fully compatible with existing SMPTE and ARIB standard. This recent LEMO design has less components allowing easy assembly and reducing the termination costs for the hybrid fibre optic connector.

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    Proven in Formula One and other motorsport applications, LEMO is your dependable connector source for high end automotive and commercial vehicle solutions.
  • Robotic connector

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    LEMO connectors can be used on collaborative robots for industrial applications but also for control, articulated manipulator and automation systems. As robots become more complex, LEMO connectors enable connecting sensors, motors and actuators in an efficient way, even when the cabling layout is very dense.
  • Highly-Secure Cable Connections for Data Center

    Supplier: Remke Industries
    Industrial Strength, Strain Relief Cable Connectors for Data Centers deliver reliable uptime. They fully seal-out dusy and airbone particles, as well as moisture. Plus, they withstand natural, daily vibration and even earthquakes. All Remke connectors are CSA and UL Compliant.
  • USB Type-C Waterproof Connectors

    Supplier: Digi-Key Electronics
    Amphenol LTW's IP67 and IP68 USB Type-C connectors are designed for different product and market applications. Many options are available to choose from including mating and/or stand-alone, waterproof, dust-proof, high-temperature resistant, high-vibration resistant, and quick mating.