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Tools and Instruments

  • OW18E - Low Power Consumption Handheld Multimeter

    Supplier: Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    OW18E is a 4-1/2 bit multimeter. It continues the blue-tooth function of 41 series and supports synchronous Monitoring and offline recording of multiple multimeter. It can update the measurement data in real-time and automatically record to the mobile terminal, and display it in chart mode.
  • XM25 hypo-action, micro-hook test connector

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK, a division of Tektest, Inc.
    The XM25 Micro-Hook is designed for use where weight and leverage may damage components. Its lightweight body (less than 1 gram) and hypo-action hook easily allows for direct hook up to delicate wires and components.
  • XK10 alignment laser system for machine tool

    Supplier: Renishaw
    The XK10 alignment laser system provides a fast, precise, and efficient measurement tool for straightness, squareness, rotational parallelism, rail parallelism, flatness, and level, as well as assessing spindle direction and coaxiality of rotary machines. It is a powerful tool for diagnosing the source of errors following a rebuild or as part of regular maintenance.
  • XDS3000-E Series 14-bit Touchscreen Oscilloscope

    Supplier: Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    XDS3000-E Series oscilloscope integrates oscilloscope + signal generator + multimeter +data logger +frequency counter + decoder. Support Li-on battery to implement floating test. Leading 45,000 frame/sec waveform refresh rate, multi-level gray scale and color temperature display. Wi-Fi function, multi-touch screen.
  • HDS200 Series Oscilloscope | New Product Release

    Supplier: Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    OWON newly launched HDS200 series handheld three-in-one oscilloscope. This series integrates 70MHz oscilloscope, 20,000 counts multimeter, 25MHz waveform generator, small and light, defined as an entry-level handheld oscilloscope, suitable for outdoor maintenance and rapid on-site measurement.
  • Multicomp Pro Best-selling Test Equipment

    Supplier: Newark, An Avnet Company
    Browse this sample of our exclusive line of test & measurement equipment.
  • Wireless transmission-Bluetooth multimeter OW18B

    Supplier: Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    The OW18B multimeter can be wirelessly connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, monitor and record data in real time, and remotely control the multimeter, which can keep the measuring personnel away from dangerous areas and fully guarantee personal safety. Data can be recorded for a long time, displayed on the mobile phone as a trend chart or table.
  • Calibrate remote sensors from a safe location

    Supplier: MSA Safety
    CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter Calibrate remote mounted sensors from a safe and convenient location. The CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter is a stainless-steel accessory for the ULTIMA X5000 and General Monitors S5000 (X/S5000) digital sensors that provides reliable operation of remotely installed gas detection sensors working under harsh environmental conditions. It p...
  • OWON invites you to visit China Elec. Fair Show

    Supplier: Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    OWON will attend China Electronics Fair West Show (2021) with latest products, welcome to visit us!
  • 5 Steps to Precise Gas Calibration

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    A step-by-step guide to carrying out precise gas calibration and ensuring that measured values accurately correlate to accepted measurement standards.