Product Watch

Tools and Instruments

  • Gas Chromatography Calibration:How to Calibrate GC

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    Gas chromatography, often abbreviated to GC, is a staple analytical tool in all manner of quality control and research facilities. It is used to detect specific volatile elements in a gas-phase mixture, to quantify the concentration of specific chemicals, and/or to generate a full spectrum of chemical content.
  • Standard & Custom products for the Energy Industry

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK, a division of Tektest, Inc.
    We work with our clients to create the test accessory that best fits their application. Through these efforts we have developed our long-handled probes, fused jumper kits, copper testing hooks, and tag-out components.
  • Guide to Automotive Diagnostic Testing Components

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK, a division of Tektest, Inc.
    Common Hook-Ups To: Circuits Sensors Control Signals/Modules Lighting Air Conditioning Switches Battery Transmission Engine Steering Reversing Valves Injectors Actuator Resistors Ignition Coil Braking Systems
  • Ultra low pressure sensor evaluation kit

    Supplier: Merit Sensor Systems
    Merit Sensor’s ultra-low-pressure evaluation kit enables you to evaluate both analog and digital LP Series pressure sensors. The evaluation kit includes a PC board, USB cable, essential tubing and tee connectors, and Merit Sensor custom software.
  • CMT Receives 2020 Customer Value Leadership Award

    Supplier: Copper Mountain Technologies
    Frost & Sullivan has presented CMT with the 2020 Customer Value Leadership Award in recognition of a commitment to innovation, technical excellence, and customer support to deliver high-value VNA solutions. We'll continue working tirelessly to offer the best value to customers everywhere. Thank you for working with us, sharing your projects, and letting us Extend Your Reach®!
  • Production-ready System on Module

    Supplier: Critical Link, LLC
    Critical Link's latest production-ready System on Module features TI AM57x dual DSP plus Artix-7 FPGA. Contact us to reserve a development kit or discuss engineering support for your embedded system design.
  • Demo: Head-Up Display Test System

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    See how a scientific imaging photometer and automated visual inspection software evaluate the optical performance of a head-up display, streamlining efficiency for testing variable-distance projections like those in AR-HUD.
  • Computerized Multi-Gas Calibration System

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    The Environics® Series 6100 Computerized Multi-Gas Calibration System is a computer controlled, state-of-the-art instrument for dynamic multi-point gas calibration of ambient air analyzers.
  • Highest Frequency Compact Vector Network Analyzer

    Supplier: Copper Mountain Technologies
    The S5243 is a 2-port 44 GHz Vector Network Analyzer is CMT's highest frequency Compact VNA. It features excellent dynamic range of 130 dB, typ. (10 Hz IFBW) and 17 µs measurement speed in a compact package with the maximum standard software feature set.
  • Why you should have a remote engineering lab?

    Supplier: Red Pitaya
    Universities were especially challenged in this period since in-person classes were no longer possible, and professors had to find new ways of teaching their class in an effective manner. Many professors in universities around the world found that the tools they were using are no longer useful as they cannot be remotely controlled, and they were no longer the optimal choice for their lab...