Product Watch

Sensors and Transducers

  • Ultra-Low power TMR Z-Axis Omnipolar Switch

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    Applications: Utility Meters including Water, Gas, and Heat Meters Proximity Switches Position and Speed Sensing Motor and Fan Control
  • Photoelectric Laser Sensors with Integrated IO

    Supplier: CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components
    CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the launch of our new Photoelectric Laser Sensors with Integrated IO-Link Communications. The LD30 Series are laser sensors feature great background suppression based on the Time of Flight (ToF) sensing principle. These series of photoelectric sensors have a sensing range of up to 1,000mm for either dark or white objects.
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Transmitter

    Supplier: ES Systems
    The ESCP-MIT1 of capacitive pressure sensor dies integrated into the medium isolated pressure systems provide state-of-the-art accuracy and resolution, excellent long-term stability combined with very good repeatability and hysteresis. The total overall error, including thermal offsets, is lower than ±0.25% F.
  • Medium Isolated Pressure Sensor for Harsh Environments

    Supplier: ES Systems
    This series of medium isolated pressure sensors is suitable for applications with harsh environmental conditions where resistance to corrosive fluids or gases is required. Each sensor integrates a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor die and a CMOS ASIC for the signal conditioning. 
  • Board Mountable Pressure Sensor with High Res and Accurate Gas and Liquid Pressure Measurements.

    Supplier: ES Systems
    The ESCP-BMS1 is a silicon capacitive pressure sensor with state-of-the-art performance and exceptional quality. The MEMS pressure sensor die is underpinned by ES’ innovative SOI-surface micromachining technology.
  • Digital Temperature Sensor MVT3000D High Accuracy

    Supplier: Servoflo Corporation
    The MVT3000D offers high levels of performance such as fast temperature measurements and high accuracy. The technology also offers a very robust proprietary sensor-level protection, ensuring excellent stability against aging and harsh environmental conditions such as shock and volatile chemicals.
  • Harsh Media Pressure Sensor

    Supplier: Merit Sensor Systems
    The HM Series was designed for harsh-media applications from low to medium pressure. Benefits: Performance -Enjoy best-in-class performance due to Merit’s proprietary Sentium technology Cost -Save money over time with high-performing die
  • Surface-mountable pressure sensor

    Supplier: Merit Sensor Systems
    Industrial To monitor HVAC systems, water levels, water pressure, and processes. It is also used for air-conditioning and other refrigerant systems, portable-measurement and analysis instrumentation, and industrial automation. Automotive To monitor the pressure of transmission fluid, fuel systems, oil systems, EGR systems, exhaust gas, etc. Medical
  • Industrial Sensing Solutions

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Industrial Sensing Solutions
  • Pressure Measurement for Respirators

    Supplier: Merit Sensor Systems
    Merit Sensor has a long history of supplying products to the medical-device industry. We are owned by Merit Medical, a leading manufacturer and marketer of disposable medical devices used in interventional, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures.