Product Watch

Electromechanical Components

  • LDC3114-Q1 Inductance-to-Digital Converter

    Supplier: Digi-Key Electronics
    Texas Instruments' LDC3114-Q1 is an inductive-sensing device that enables touch-button design for human-machine interfaces (HMI) on a variety of materials by measuring small deflections of conductive targets using a coil that can be implemented on a small printed circuit-board (PCB) that is located behind the panel.
  • Experience the Future of Fan Technology w/AxiForce

    Supplier: ebm-papst Inc.
    With the new AxiForce, ebm-papst is consolidating its role as a leader of innovation and is supporting technologies that are indispensable for a modern, networked future.
  • For Timers from Altech

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech’s AMT-Series of Universal Digital Multi-Timers comprises 4 models featuring 8 or 18 timer functions to offer highest flexibility in controlling operations.
  • 2U 125W solutions for LGA1700/1800

    Supplier: Rego Electronics Inc.
    Satisfy 125W you concern in ONLY 2U space
  • MSS–Metal Slim Switch for Stylish & Robust Design

    Supplier: Schurter
    SCHURTER introduces the MSS Metal Line Slim Switch, a flush mount pushbutton with a very shallow mounting depth and stylish design.
  • Thermal Management - AC, DC, EC Fans

    Supplier: Qualtek Electronics Corp.
    Qualtek’s offers a large variety of AC, DC and EC Axial Fans for all your cooling needs.
  • DCN Series High Voltage DC Contactor Relays

    Supplier: Littelfuse, Inc.
    High current and high voltage DC contactor relays for electric, hybrid, and industrial applications such as charging station, battery power supply, DC power control, circuit protection, and other switch controls.
  • Low Noise Automotive Fans and Blowers

    Supplier: Pelonis Technologies, Inc.
    Automotive fans and blowers come in every size and power level and can be customized to suit and perform at maximum efficiency in a vehicle.
  • How to Select a Cooling Fan

    Supplier: Pelonis Technologies, Inc.
    How to Select the Right Cooling Fan in 4 Steps
  • A Look Behind the Surface-Capacitive Hidden Switch

    Supplier: Schurter
    SCHURTER is pleased to introduce its new Capacitive Hidden Switch, series CHS, intended for use behind non-conductive surfaces. The new series expands on the potential applications for input systems by enabling interface designers more flexibility in custom panel design.