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Communication and Interfaces

  • QuinStar Balanced Mixers

    Supplier: QuinStar Technology, Inc.
    Available for RF over 18–110 GHz in seven waveguide bands
  • QuinStar Direct Reading Attenuator

    Supplier: QuinStar Technology, Inc.
    Designed and built for precise MMW measurement
  • High gain preamplifier for field measurements.

    Supplier: A.H. Systems Inc.
    A.H. Systems' Preamplifier line is an excellent choice with a rugged design, no hassles with soldering your own power leads and they improve overall system sensitivity by 38 dB.
  • Ultra-Low Power Wireless Connectivity for IoT

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    ON Semiconductor RSL10 Multi-Protocol Bluetooth 5 System-on-Chip is designed for applications using 1.2V and 1.5V batteries and supports a 1.1–3.6V supply range without requiring an external DC/DC converter. RSL10 features dual-core architecture and a 2.4GHz transceiver, to support Bluetooth low-energy technology and 2.4GHz proprietary or custom protocols.
  • CMD227 Passive Frequency Multiplier

    Supplier: Custom MMIC
    The CMD227 multiplier MMIC is a 50 ohm matched design eliminating the need for RF port matching.
  • CMD249 Distributed Power Amplifier

    Supplier: Custom MMIC
    The CMD249 is a 50 ohm matched design which eliminates the need for RF port matching. The CMD249 offers full passivation for increased reliability and moisture protection.
  • CMD177 Mixer

    Supplier: Custom MMIC
    The CMD177 is a general purpose double balanced mixer die that can be used for up- and downconverting applications between 6 and 14 GHz.
  • CMD216 Power Amplifier

    Supplier: Custom MMIC
    The CMD216 is a 5.6 W GaN MMIC power amplifier die ideally suited for Ku band communications systems where high power and high linearity are crucial design requirements.
  • CMD195 Switch

    Supplier: Custom MMIC
    The CMD195 is a broadband non-reflective GaAs RF / Microwave MMIC SPDT switch in die form. The CMD195 covers DC to 20 GHz and offers a low insertion loss of 2 dB and high isolation of 37 dB as well as positive gain slope.
  • QuinStar MMW Broadband Power Amplifier

    Supplier: QuinStar Technology, Inc.
    SOA CW power performance; 16 - 95 GHz frequency range