Product Watch

Analog and Digital ICs

  • Frequency control-large role medical device design

    Supplier: Aker Technology USA Corporation
    As the global medical electronics industry grows, there is an increase in demand for intelligent and precise medical electronics. Learn how frequency control plays a large role in medical device design and how Aker’s crystals and oscillators help ensure seamless integration and reliable operation for a wide range of smart healthcare and medical devices.
  • Competitively Priced TCXOs For The Auto Industry

    Supplier: Aker Technology USA Corporation
    TCXOs with Lower Power Design from Aker Technology
  • Unveiling the Essentials: LED Driver Power Supply

    Supplier: Autec Power Inc.
    An essential function of LED driver power supplies is in the field of LED lighting. These hidden heroes prolong the life of your lighting fixtures and ensure your LED lights run smoothly and efficiently, giving you consistent illumination.

    Supplier: Silicon Designs, Inc.
    Inertial-grade accelerometers for industrial applications
  • Lower Power Design TCXOs for many industries

    Supplier: Aker Technology USA Corporation
    Aker Technology USA, a global manufacturer of innovative, competitively priced frequency control products, now offers two temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) with a frequency range of 10 to 52 MHz and a frequency stability up to ±0.5ppm to 2ppm. The TCXOs are ideal for use in the industrial, automotive, medical, consumer electronics and communication/networ k...
  • 13.75-14.5GHz 25W GaN Power Amplifier

    Supplier: Qorvo
    Qorvo's QPA0017 is a high power, packaged Ku-Band MMIC amplifier fabricated using Qorvo's production 0.15 um GaN-on-SiC process (QGaN15). The QPA0017 targets the 13.75-14.5 GHz Satcom band while providing 12.5-Watts of linear power with third-order intermodulation distortion products of 25 dBc. Furthermore, the QPA0017 can deliver output powers up to 25-Watts with 30 dB of small-signal g...
  • Overcoming Limitations -Traditional Timing Devices

    Supplier: SiTime Corporation
    Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Timing Devices
  • TMR1202 tunnel magnetoresistance magnetic sensor

    Supplier: MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
    MicroAmpere High Frequency Response Bipolar Latching Magnetic Switch Sensor Applications Utility meters: water, gas, and heat meters Proximity switches Speed sensing Linear and rotation position sensing Wake-up switch
  • PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear LM317TG

    Supplier: Win Source Electronics
    Discover the LM317TG, a highly adaptable voltage regulator, ideal for diverse electronic applications.
  • Junction Box Class 2 Diode Lighting Transformer

    Supplier: Dongguan Yili Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Magnetic dimmable lighting drivers & transformers supply low voltage power to dimmable LED lights, pool lights and lighting fixtures in residential and commercial applications. They are compatible with a complete list of dimmers: PWM dimmers, on/off switches, MLV dimmers, 0-10 dimmers, and RGB controllers. All dimmers have been tested with our LED drivers in the laboratory.