Product Watch


  • Kinwong attended the 3rd Nepcon Expo in Japan

    Supplier: Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co.,Ltd.
    3rd Nepcon Nagoya Expo of Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo will be held in Japan on October 21-23, 2020. Kinwong Electronics bring the latest products and technologies to participate.
  • Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility

    Supplier: E-Labs, Inc.
    If you're concerned about the ability of your product to withstand electric fields, E-labs will test for Radiated Susceptibility Electric Fields. We can test your equipment and sub-system enclosures as well as all interconnecting cables for Radiated Susceptibility in accordance with RS103 from 2 MHz up to 40 GHz.
  • Are you designing PCBS for Space?

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
  • Test Your Design First

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
    To ensure perfect operational functionality straight out of the box, Advanced Assembly’s unique First Article Service lets engineers test their design before their full run. This method of low volume circuit board assembly is a perfect way to ensure all possibilities are accounted for before you move forward with full assembly.
  • Improve the Solderability of Your Next Design

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
    Get solutions in this nine-page guide from PCB assembly expert, Advanced Assembly. Learn exactly what is solder thieving and how it happens. Plus, get solutions for how to combat it in this complimentary article from Advanced Assembly.
  • ALPHA┬« Pot Rite┬« Premium Solder Analysis Service

    Supplier: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
    The ALPHA Pot Rite Service throughly analyzes samples taken from solder pots, soldering machines, and selective soldering systems at our ISO 17025 accredited lab with traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
  • Coaxial Cable Assemblies - Tons of Combinations!

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK, a division of Tektest, Inc.
    Coaxial Cable Assemblies - Hundreds of Combinations! E-Z-Hook offers a variety of coaxial cable assemblies. From BNC, SMA, UHF, TNC, and N series male and female coaxial connectors or double banana plugs to any of our connectors that utilizes various cable or wire types and sizes or sometimes both with an in-line splicer. If you cannot find a combination suitable for your testing...
  • Don't Let This Nightmare Become Your Reality

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
    Learn the real costs of quality. In this webinar, Advanced Assembly exposes the hidden and not-so-hidden costs behind quality programs in PCB manufacturing. Find out what's behind a quality assurance program and the questions you need to ask your PCB shop to make sure your boards are manufactured correctly the first time.
  • The Ins and Outs of Solder Thievings

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
    Our circuit board assembly services use cutting-edge technology to save our customers time and money, taking the fear and headache out of PCB assembly.
  • Need PCB assembly FAST?

    Supplier: Advanced Assembly, LLC.
    Here at Advanced Assembly, we offer a variety of turn times on protos, including “miracle” 1-day turns. Whether you’re looking for a quick-turn prototype or a large-scale production, we work closely with engineers, procurement specialists, and designers to ensure their boards work perfectly right out of the box.