Product Watch

Sensors and Transducers

  • Demonstrate and Evaluate TruStability RSC Sensors

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Honeywell SEK001 Sensor Evaluation Kit was created to demonstrate and evaluate the TruStability™ high-resolution RSC series of piezo-resistive silicon pressure sensors. This kit also evaluates the digital output versions (I2C or SPI) of the High-Accuracy Silicon Ceramic and Standard Accuracy Silicon Ceramic board mount sensors. The SEK001 kit thoroughly evaluates the sen...
  • Easy Evaluation Prototyping & Development with NXP

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    NXP Semiconductors NHS3100 Starter Development Kit for Temperature Monitoring includes the NXP LPC-Link2 Board and NHS3100 Demo Board to evaluate the NXP NTAG SmartSensor NH3100. Any firmware created with this kit can be re-purposed in a final temperature monitoring design to speed up time-to-market.
  • Environmental Sensing via Low-Energy Bluetooth

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Omron Electronics 2JCIE-BL01 Environment Sensor detects a vast array of environmental factors for home, office, factory, and outdoor environments. 2JCIE-BL01 measures temperature, humidity, light, ultraviolet (UV) index, absolute pressure, noise, and acceleration. The sensor visualizes information by transferring the sensor data to a smartphone via Bluetooth® low energy technology.
  • Photoelectric Sensor for Automated Quality Control

    Supplier: Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.
    Locon Sensors supplies a series of miniature photoelectric sensors that can monitor and maintain your operation, especially in highly controlled food processing and packaging facilities. These sensors can track products to make sure that they’re properly oriented and prepared for the next step in the process.
  • Photoelectric Sensors to Detect Transparent Object

    Supplier: Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.
    Automated manufacturing operations depend on sensor equipment to make sure each step of the process is completed reliably and effectively. When working with glass or transparent polymers, Locon Sensor recommends the C23 series of photoelectric sensors from Contrinex.
  • High Output Low Operating Voltage Pressure Sensor

    Supplier: All Sensors Corp.
    BLC provides a high output signal at a low operating voltage and reduces the overall supply voltage while maintaining comparable output levels to traditional equivalent basic sensing elements. This lower supply voltage gives rise to improved warm-up shift while the CoBeam2 TM Technology itself reduces package stress susceptibility resulting in improved overall long term stabil...
  • IST RTD Platinum Sensors: SMD Series

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    Temperature sensors are produced with different technologies to fit specific application requirements. IST sensor products from the SMD Series are RTD platinum sensors without leads for the automatic assembling on PCBs.
  • UVC Sensor : L14UX Photosensor

    Supplier: Light in Motion LLC
    Light in Motion offers the L14UX photosensor : a UVC sensor in an hermetically sealed TO-46 package. The L14UX is ideal for the control and monitoring of UVC light sources. It comes in two gain ranges, L14U1 and L14U2. Its hermetic metal/glass package makes it impervious to the damaging effects of UV light and resistant to harsh environment.
  • SNM - PTC Thermistors

    Supplier: Thermik Corporation
    THERMIK thermistors are used to monitor temperature and to prevent the overheating of OEM equipment and devices. All components include color coded lead wires and OEM leading.
  • New Biosensors from IST AG

    Supplier: Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division
    Reliable enzyme based amperometric Bio sensors provide excellent long term monitoring of living organisms. Enzymes are immobilized in a stack of four permeable polymeric membranes on top of a platinum micro electrode. Multi parametric measurement is provided for glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate, which play an important role in the metabolism of living organisms.