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Power and Circuit Protection

  • Electric bus battery(12m)

    Supplier: Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    Type Three-phase asynchronous AC motor Rated power 120kW Driving voltage 576V Driving battery type LiFePO4 Battery capacity 400Ah Power consumption (l/100km) : 80kw.h Max mileage : 300km cranking battery 24V 200Ah
  • Shipboard Ready 2KVA UPS Online 1800 Watt Load

    Supplier: Powerstar UPS Inc.
    Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS since 1993 Powerstar PS3200rm2u is a 2kva true online UPS that supports a full 1800Watt load. This is a large increase from previous models. This unit available in both 2RU x 19.7"deep or get a 3RU x24"deep with a built in Isolation transformer PS3203rm3u-Iso. International models @230V also available. PS3200rm2ui
  • UPS Shipboard Ready 10 KVA 6U- 2 Models

    Supplier: Powerstar UPS Inc.
    Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS since 1993 The new PS 10000 is loaded with Military features and packed with power performance protection. FCC Class A and UL Approved
  • Shipboard UPS with the Worlds Lowest Cost......

    Supplier: Powerstar UPS Inc.
    Powerstar PS 502-550/650/850 Shipboard UPS is world's lowest cost single phase 120VAC delta power UPS battery backup. PS 502-550 $349. PS502-650, $379, PS502-850 $399 a Shipboard ready, protects L1 & L2 shipboard. Premium hi-temp battery with 8-10 year life option.USB cable to connectyour PC Metal case option for rugged Military use.
  • 3x5 50&75W : Universally Useful, Pleasantly Priced

    Supplier: Triad Magnetics
    Triad. With universal input (90-264V) and single output voltages from 3.3V to 24V, our UL/TUV tested 3"x5" power supplies are a highly useful, low-cost solution for general purpose worldwide applications. Backed by our dedication to service and quality, they're also near at hand and ready to ship from our extensive distribution network.
  • DC-DC Converters...Narrow Profile

    Supplier: Acopian Power Supplies
    Acopian Power Supplies - Narrow Profile, These state-of-the-art DC-DC converters combine excellent regulation and ripple specifications with broad input ranges, and they are available in a large selection of output voltages and current ratings.
  • AC-DC, DC-DC Mini Encapsulated

    Supplier: Acopian Power Supplies
    Acopian Power Supply - AC-DC or DC-DC • Single, dual, and triple output With Screw Terminals or PC Board Mounting. • Shipped within 3 Days1 Year Warranty
  • Programmable 1U Power Supplies Up To 750 Watts

    Supplier: Acopian Power Supplies
    Acopian's family of programmable AC-DC power supplies feature wide-adjust output voltages from 0V-5V to 0-135V and current capabilities up to 70A, the 1U format single output voltage power supplies offer 750W of output power. These rack and benchtop modules notably provide high power density, low ripple and a user-friendly front panel.
  • Hospital Grade Power Strips

    Supplier: Quail Electronics
    Quail Electronics, Inc. is releasing new Hospital Grade Power Strips. Quail Electronics is currently stocking these in its Northern California warehouse. Contact us for more information.
  • Accessory Power Strips/Power Distribution Units

    Supplier: Interpower
    The accessory power distribution systems offered by Interpower allow companies to design for global markets.