Product Watch

Power and Circuit Protection

  • Simplifying Circuit Protection & PowerDistribution

    Supplier: Waytek, Inc.
    Next-generation power distribution models, called hard-wired boxes, streamline circuit protection and power distribution with features that support easier installation and maintenance as well as protect against premature failure.
  • Custom Needs? We Can Build It For You

    Supplier: Interact Power, Inc.
    Time to market is a critical element to the decision making process when selecting products and suppliers. Interact Power is poised to meet your requirements for expedited new product development and final production schedules. Our “Customer First” Program has enable Interact Power to establish the industry’s shortest product cycle times.
  • Find Complete Power Control for Your System

    Supplier: Interact Power, Inc.
    43 SERIES CONTROL PANEL. Complete Power Control for your system. The 43 Series Control Panels are compatible with any Interact Power PDU which has the remote ON/OFF feature. It is also compatible with some competitors PDU’s with remote feature.
  • SCS200 – CAN Based Intelligent Power Distribution

    Supplier: E-T-A Circuit Breakers
    The demand for smarter, technology based vehicles continues to increase the number of loads to monitor and protect within the power architecture. The SCS200 is a compact pcb-based intelligent power distribution system in an IP67 enclosure, allowing decentralized control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus.
  • SMD Circuit Protector Suitable as Fail-Safe Device

    Supplier: Schurter
    SCHURTER launches a pulse-proof SMD ceramic fuse with super time-lag tripping characteristics. The UMT-W is particularly suitable as a fail-safe device in demanding applications.The cuboid shaped (5.3 x 16 mm), extremely compact SMD fuse is available in five rated currents from 5 A to 20 A and reaches rated voltages of up to 125 V AC & DC with a breaking capacity of up to 1000 A.
  • The right surge protection for solar applications

    Supplier: Littelfuse, Inc.
    Learn how Littelfuse SPD2 Type 2 surge protective devices prevent damage and downtime
  • Littelfuse Launches 1500 Volt Solar Fuses

    Supplier: Littelfuse, Inc.
    Littelfuse, Inc., a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing, announced today the expansion of its SPXI series in-line solar fuses to include 35 to 60 amperage models.
  • 3-phase 500W high input voltage AC/DC power supply

    Supplier: ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd.
    The HTP 300-FX and HTP 500-FXW series of compact, three-phase, high voltage input AC-DC power supplies deliver up to 300W and 500W output power respectively. The series is suitable for many industrial applications including factory automation, industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Bussmann Series Power Modules from Eaton

    Supplier: Waytek, Inc.
    EATON ‘s Bussmann Series 37700 offers both a Power Relay Module (PRM) and a Power Fuse Module (PFM). Bussmann power relay and fuse modules feature a compact design for high current applications in various fields.
  • Severe Service Vehicle Electrical Center - Eaton

    Supplier: Waytek, Inc.
    EATON's severe service vehicle electrical center (ssVEC) features unequaled power distribution in an IP66 compliant enclosure.