Product Watch


  • Audio Transformers & Chokes

    Supplier: Majestic Transformer Co.
    These units can be finished fully shrouded (as picture right) for top chassis mounting or half shrouded for drop through chassis mounting. The audio mains transformers, as with all our mains transformers, have an earthed interwinding screen and can also be fitted with an external copper 'Q' band. Other special finishes can be accommodated on request subject to quantity requirements.
  • Open Frame Control Transformers Single Phase

    Supplier: Majestic Transformer Co.
    Typical applications for this type of transformer are motor control, machine tool control, control panels, alarm systems, distribution boards etc. The transformers are supplied as open types with universal frames for vertical or horizontal mounting and either terminal blocks or brass stud connections.
  • High Frequency Gate Drive Transformers

    Supplier: Triad Magnetics
    Triad gate drive transformers are used universally in all high frequency switching topologies to isolate the control circuitry from the line-connected switches.
  • High Voltage Glass Diodes for Tough Environments

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    For tough applications when an epoxy or plastic diode can’t withstand the environment. VMI offers a complete line of high voltage, hermetically sealed diodes.
  • High Voltage Diodes

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    VMI manufactures high voltage diodes with rated breakdown voltages (Vrwm) from 2kV to 20kV in several packages including glass and epoxy.
  • High Voltage, High Current, Axial-Lead Diode

    Supplier: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
    VMI offers axial-lead, glass-body diodes 2kV and higher. One example is our 1N6519 high voltage diode, a hermetically sealed device that can withstand 10kV featuring high voltage in a small footprint. It is designed to operate in dielectric fluid without absorbing moisture. Other combinations of reverse voltage, forward current, Trr, and packaging are available on the V...
  • TDD Series Hybrid Capacitors

    Supplier: Evans Capacitor Company
    TDD1, TDD2 & TDD3 SERIES HYBRID CAPACITORS have Very High Power / Low ESR for High current Pulse - extreme duty cycle capability.
  • VPT Toroidal Transformers Offer Power Efficiency

    Supplier: Triad Magnetics
    Triad's VPT Series Toroidal Power Transformers feature power efficiency using less material, making them an innovative green power electronics solution. Consumer, Commercial and Industrial electronic product device companies have relied on innovative magnetics technology from Triad Magnetics for over 60 years. We offer Toroidal solutions for power conversion, filtering, isolation and more.
  • POWERTRONIX Standard Toroidal Power Transformers

    Supplier: Powertronix Inc.
    POWERTRONIX Standard Toroidal Power Transformers are used for step-down voltages. Dual primary windings for series or parallel connection provide universal voltage range and 50/60Hz operations. The secondary windings are isolated and can be connected in series or in parallel for standard applications, voltage rectification or preliminary design evaluation. SPECIFICATIONS: ...
  • FC4L Series Four Terminal Current Sense

    Supplier: Ohmite Manufacturing Co.
    Ohmite extends its FCSL Series with this 4-terminal Kelvin type FC4L derivative in a 5-watt package. Employing the same Ni-Cu-Mn resistive element this product affords the user an added advantage of a built-in 4-terminal design with 2 larger electrodes for current management and 2 smaller electrodes for current measurement.