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2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway Teardown

15 January 2007
The following is an overview of a teardown analysis conducted by IHS Technology Teardown Services.

Main Features / Overview

The 2Wire 3800HGV-B is a residential VDSL gateway and part of the "HomePortal 3000 series from 2Wire. It features a VDSL or Ethernet interface, HomePNA v3, ""Hyper G" (an 'improved' version of 802.11g which improves coverage and reception) wireless functionality, 4 wired Ethernet ports, USB ports, and 2 ports for VoIP.

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway Main Image2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway Main Image

Target Market

VDSL is not very prominent yet worldwide but ramping quickly. It is, at the time of writing (Q4 2006) currently well deployed in Japan and Korea. Nonetheless, the target for this home gateway are customers of wired telecom service providers and their captive customer base. VDSL represents the next stage in DSL transmission and such devices are a keystone to implementation of IPTV in the household, as this gateway provides the hub and interface function for VoIP and IPTV devices as well as basic wireless home networking / routing.

These gateways, VDSL service and IPTV all go hand-in-hand. AT&T, according to one article are offering an intial rollout of IPTV in San Antonio, Texas - these boxes are likely part of the installtion / implementation package for these subscribers.


2005/6 for HomeGateway 3000 series - exact date unknown.

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Top Functional Areas2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Top Functional Areas

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for this kind of product (at the consumer level) is meaningless as it is typically a completely subsidized part of a service package, and since it cannot function without being properly set-up by a service provider, after market product and prices have no validity.

Volume Estimations

Per 2Wire press releases, 2Wire claims to have reached the goal of shipping 4 million HomePortal gateways over a year ago (Nov, 2005), all models mixed. Based on their ever-accelerating shipments, may far exceed our total production volume assumption of 5 million units for this model 3800HGV. We are assuming a total production volume over the product lifetime (< 2 years) of 5 million units.

As a reminder, volume production assumptions are not meant to be necessarily 'market accurate', and our meant primarily to be used for our cost analysis in terms of amortized NRE and tooling costs, especially for custom components specific to the model being analyzed (mechanical components especially).

Nonetheless, the enclosures and housing elements are also shared by the 3700HGV model, and may exceed this volume.

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Top2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Top

Function / Performance

No performance testing was performed.

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway Cost Analysis2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway Cost Analysis

Cost Notes

This box has a lot of components, and for the purpose it serves (hub / router / VDSL gateway) is surprisingly complex, however this features a lot of different interfaces, (VDSL, HomePNA 3, 802.11, Ethernet, Etc.) and each of these has it's own chip or chipset - so this box features a lot of 'core silicon', and a relatively high overall electronic component count.

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Bottom Functional Areas2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Bottom Functional Areas

Main Cost Drivers

Silicon Content Drivers

NXP - Ares - TriMedia Processor

Conexant - - VDSL CPE Chipset - DSP & Analog Front End

Atheros - AR2413 - WLAN Single Chip Solution - 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz

Coppergate - CG3011 - HomePNA 3.0 Digital IC

Analog Devices - AD9865BCP - Mixed-Signal Front End - Broadband, Integrated PLL, 3.3V

Silicon Laboratories - Si3215-FM - Subscriber Line Interface Circuit - Programmable w/ Integrated Battery Supply

Altera - EPM240T100C5N - CPLD - 80 User I/Os, 3.3V

Infineon - ADM6996M - Ethernet Switch Controller - 6-Port 10/100Mb/s

2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Bottom2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Main PCB Bottom


Samsung - K4H511638C-UCCC - SDRAM - DDR - 512Mb, 32Mx16, 2.6V

Cypress - CY7C1049CV33 - SRAM - 4Mb (512K x 8) - 10 ns (x2)

Hynix - HY27US08561A - Flash - NAND, 256Mb, 32M x 8Bit

External Power Supply (w/out modular power cord)

Joden Electron - JSE-02512-U - AC Adapter Power Supply Module - (35W) Switching, Input: 100-240VAC

What's NOT Included in our Cost Analysis

Our cost analysis includes the main unit, including power supply and power cord, but excluding other accessories (mostly A/V cords) and other box contents (literature, packaging, etc.). The total materials and manufacturing costs reported in this analysis reflect ONLY the direct materials cost (from component vendors and assorted EMS providers), AND manufacturing and test. Not included in this analysis are costs above and beyond the material manufacture of the core device itself - cost of intellectual property, royalties and licensing fees (those not already included into the per component price), software, software loading and test, shipping, logistics marketing and other channel costs including not only EMS provider and the OEM's margin, but that of other resellers. Our cost analysis is meant to focus on those costs incurred in the manufacture of the core device and exceptionally in some circumstances the packaging and literature as well.

Manufacturing Notes

Country of Origin / Volume Assumptions

The product was labeled as Made in Malaysia. It was assumed, however, that the PCBA was assembled in China, and that only final assembly was performed in Malaysia. Changing the assumption to 100% Malaysian manufacturing would have a negligible effect on overall manufacturing costs, however, they would be slightly higher.

Manufacturing costs are calculated (modeled) on a per component basis for auto 'pick and place' insertion costs as well as 'hand inserted' assembly costs (all components are in one category or the other). Local, burdened labor rates are applied for all hand assembly and test operator cycle times, and in the case of pick and place our model differentiates regional cost structures. In addition test costs are calculated for devices which are not delivered as finished assemblies (hard drives, optical drives, some pointing devices, 802.11 cards, etc.). Overhead is a percentage calculation based on total cost of the device.

Design for Manufacturing / Device Complexity

We tend to use component counts as the one measurable and clearly defined 'metric' by which we can compare and judge the relative complexity of devices and comment as to where a given device fits in the spectrum of overall manufacturing cost and complexity between devices.

Furthermore, as this is the first VDSL gateway we have looked at, there are no direct points of comparison. However - the HomePortal is a fairly straightforward assembly. Most of the complexity, component count and cost are all part of the main PCBA. The packaging / enclosure plastics and mechanicals were not especially complex and did not seem unnecessarily overdesigned or costly to assemble. The bulk of complexity and manufacturing cost is therefore with whichever EMS provider produces the PCBA.

Overall the component count is quite elevated - 1429 components in all. However only 104 components are mechanical in nature, the rest are electronic / electro-mechanical. Just as an absolute point of reference, and to reinforce the complexity of this device (electronics again are the primary driver) this component count is on the order of a laptop computer, or a DVR, and about 2x or more a DSL wireless router.

Design Notes

The design features several different core chips and chipsets to provide the different features: VDSL CPE chipset from Conexant, HomePNA 3 functionality provided by Coppergate, WLAN from Atheros, and at the core a single ASIC private-labeled 2Wire - the core CPU of the device. See the attach d list for highlights of all of the major silicon components in this system.

The power supply is external in this unit (see beneath for details).

Main PCB


  • 2Wire Branded ASIC - Ares - Core Processor
  • CPLD - Altera - EPM240T100C5N - 80 User I/Os, 3.3V


  • WLAN - Atheros - AR2413 - Single Chip Solution - 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz
  • HomePNA 3.0 - Coppergate - CG3011 - Digital IC
  • VDSL CPE Chipset - Conexant - DA8-7781-PCC A & BA6-7779-LCC
  • SLIC - Silicon Laboratories - Si3215-FM - Programmable w/ Integrated Battery Supply
  • Ethernet Switch Controller - Infineon - ADM6996M - 6-Port 10/100Mb/s
  • NIC - Davicom - DM9102D - Fast Ethernet NIC Controller - Single Chip

Front End

  • Mixed Signal Front End - Analog Devices - AD9865BCP - Broadband, Integrated PLL, 3.3V


  • SDRAM - Samsung - K4H511638C-UCCC - DDR - 512Mb, 32Mx16, 2.6V
  • SRAM - Cypress - CY7C1049CV33 - 4Mb (512K x 8) - 10 ns
  • NAND Flash - Hynix - HY27US08561A - NAND, 256Mb, 32M x 8Bit
  • NOR Flash - AMD - Am29LV160D - 16Mb, CMOS 3.0V

Other Sub-Assemblies

Power Supply

  • External AC Power Adapter - Joden Electron - JSE-02512-U - (35W) Switching, Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A - Output: 12V, 2.9A


2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Enclosure Disassembly2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV-B VDSL Residential Gateway - Enclosure Disassembly

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