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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • Four-level Terminal Blocks

    Phoenix Contact’s four-level terminal blocks make motor connection easy. The space-saving terminal blocks use Push-in connection technology (PT) for nominal cross sections up to 10 AWG, 28 A, and 600 V UL. Every level has a function shaft for easy potential distribution, reducing wiring costs. A large-surface marking option clearly identifies every motor connection. Each ter...
  • Tactile Metal “Key-Pad” Dome Switches

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    New snap action “Key-Pad” dome contacts from Keystone specifically designed as a momentary contact for PCB’s, flex circuits, membrane/discrete switches. Unique 4-legged shape offer enhanced durability, reliability, versatility while maintaining exceptional tactile feel. Nickel-plated stainless steel manufacture, domes are built for harsh environments requiring substanti...
  • Souriau Trim Trio™ Harsh Environment Connectors

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Souriau Trim Trio™ Industrial Connectors are ideal for applications ranging from sophisticated electronic devices to rugged industrial equipment used in harsh environments. These waterproof connectors are offered in robust plastic, shielded metal, and hybrid plastic/metal options. Trim Trio's unique contact system can be used in any connector and in any position.
  • Oil- and Abrasion-Resistant Cable For Industrial Machine Tools

    Supplier: Lapp Group
    A special interstice filling functional layer on a special PVC base enables more efficient and reliable stripping and ensures improved stripping characteristics, reduction of damage to core insulation, less subsequent manual processing and reduced material waste – compared to common PUR jacketed cables. This results in time and costs savings.
  • Spring ito Action

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    The CX4 (6mm) is the most compact in Industry and now has a new center marking area. The design allows ferrules to be easily inserted plus less accessories are needed.
  • Online Build-A-Part™ Tool Showcased in New Video

    Supplier: Advanced Interconnections Corp.
    Video shows how to quickly build a part number for the exact IC Socket, Adapter, or Board-to-Board Connector required for your application in just a few clicks with the Advanced Interconnections' Build-A-Part tool. Learn how to use the handy tool in this informative video or visit the website to get started.
  • Mouser Stocks Harwin Spring Contact DevelopmentKit

    Supplier: Mouser Electronics, Inc.
    Harwin Spring Contact Development Kit is ideal for prototyping new projects and contains 16 unique contacts. Each kit is an easy reference library for Harwin's product. These kits are packaged in a stackable, durable box and offer 20 of each contact style.
  • Twin Push-in terminal inserts

    Easier connection for heavy-duty connectors in common transmission lines The new Twin-PT contact inserts from Phoenix Contact are the first HEAVYCON inserts available with Push-in termination for two conductors per contact. This enables two conductors to be wired in one contact point easily and without special tools. With these inserts, the user saves time, installat...
  • Need a Custom Cable for Unique Application?

    Supplier: New England Wire Technologies Corporation
    Whether it's Litz wire for high frequency inductors or microminiature coax for surgical robots, our in-house cable design experts work directly with manufacturers, researchers, technical professionals and OEMs to develop custom cable products manufactured to exacting specification or performance characteristics.
  • Litz Wire Theory

    Supplier: New England Wire Technologies Corporation
    Typically, the design engineer requiring the use of Litz wire knows the operating frequency and RMS current required for the application. Since the primary benefit of a Litz wire conductor is the reduction of A.C. losses, the first consideration in any Litz wire design is the operating frequency. The operating frequency not only influences the actual Litz wire construction, but is also u...