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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • More power for fast charging: Connector LV-HPC

    Supplier: Schaltbau GmbH
    The new Schaltbau LV-HPC charging connectors are capable of carrying the full rated current load without exceeding the maximum temperature difference that is allowed to occur due to the charging process. The socket contacts of the high power connectors are designed such that the contacts can carry high currents without overheating.
  • SAB Tray Cables

    Supplier: SAB North America
    TR 600 UL Type TC-ER Flexible Tray Cables are 600v TC-ER rated tray cables and suitable for NFPA 79 areas. TR 600 is intended for turbine manufacturers requiring WTTC approved cables. Also available in a -40c option with submersible pump rating.
  • UL Recognized Quick-Fit Female Terminals

    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Keystone's popular series of female, quick-fit, PCB terminals, which provide vertical, horizontal or bottom entry connections with male types, are now undergoing UL Component Recognition
  • Flat/Modular Telephone Cables

    Supplier: BRIM Electronics, Inc.
    Introducing a new series of Flat/Modular straight telephone cables. This series is run in 4,6 & 8 conductors, 26 AWG 7/34 & 28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper conductors with polypropylene insulation over the individual conductors, and an 80°C silver satin color PVC jacket overall.
  • Ultraflexible Shielded Instrumentation Cable

    Supplier: BRIM Electronics, Inc.
    BRIM ELECTRONICS, INC. announces the expansion of our MINIFLYXä Ultra-Flexible instrumentation cables. Our new constructions include 26 AWG and 28 AWG, for applications requiring a heavier gauge conductor.
  • Hermetic Al 38999: High Power and 60% Lighter

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    This connector combines the Hermetic Solutions Group's patented Kryoflex® ceramic-to-metal sealing technology with beryllium copper CDA alloy 172/173 contacts for superior electrical performance in a weight-saving all-aluminum shell -- it's up to 60% lighter than stainless steel alternatives.
  • Hermetic High Pressure/High Temperature Connectors

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    Using the patented Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic, the Hermetic Solutions Group manufactures reliable high-pressure/high-t emperature hermetic connectors and feedthrus that meet the harshest environmental challenges.
  • Subminiature Ultra-Flexible Instrumentation Cables

    Supplier: BRIM Electronics, Inc.
    Suitable as an instrumentation cable where ultra-flexibility and sub-miniaturization are essential, in low voltage applications.
  • Flat Tinned Copper Braid

    Supplier: BRIM Electronics, Inc.
    Used as grounding cable, bonding strap for aircraft, marine equipment vehicles, etc. to eliminate ignition interference.
  • MIL-SPEC Connector Solutions

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    The Hermetic Solutions Group designs and manufactures a wide variety of hermetic and non-hermetic circular and rectangular connectors, RF connectors, and integrated hermetic packaging for use in extreme environments. The Hermetic Solutions Group's MIL-SPEC connectors are designed to deliver superior mechanical and electrical performance in configurations that are lightweight, robust and...