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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • EPIC® Connectors

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Reliable termination and performance in a vast majority of power and control applications.
  • UNITRONIC® 300

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Multi-Conductor, 300V Flexible Industrial Signal & Control Cable; Unshielded
  • Hermetic Connectors: Ceramic vs. Glass Seals

    Supplier: Hermetic Solutions Group
    Here are the top 5 reasons to consider polycrystalline ceramic over glass seals fo hermetic connectors.
  • Multi-Conductor Cable

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation.
  • Modular housings for embedded systems

    Design flexibility for PCBs Modular housings for embedded systems and other PCB form factors Phoenix Contact’s new Universal Case System (UCS) gives design engineers a flexible housing option for nearly any printed circuit board (PCB) project. This family of IP40 enclosures can accommodate multiple PCBs in embedded systems and other PCB form factors. ...
  • FREE sample of the 7TCE Cable For Servo Motor Applications

    Supplier: Lapp Group
    Lapp Group USA has introduced its ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7TCE, a highly flexible, oil-resistant servo cable with TC-ER approval. Because it is suitable for use directly on industrial machines and in cable trays, this new cable eliminates the need for two different kinds of cable or the use of conduit in run.
  • Rectangular self-latching connectors

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    • Multipole 10 to 65 contacts • Mixed contacts with: Coaxial 1 to 8 contacts Fluidic 1 to 8 contacts High voltage 1 to 8 contacts
  • Connectors for harsh environments

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    Main Features: Multipole 2 to 114 contacts Fibre optic contacts USB feature Ratchet coupling mechanism 6 keying options Compact and lightweight Oil and fuel resistant 12 shell styles Temp. range -50°C to 200°C Shielded Crimp or print contacts H
  • Self-latching connectors

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    • Push-Pull self-latching • 8 colour coding • Over 7 shell styles • Temp. range -40°C to 120°C • Shielding: > 70dB at 10Mhz > 35dB at 1 Ghz • Solder contacts • IP50 • For cable ø 3 to 7.5 mm
  • Adjustable right angle connector

    Supplier: LEMO USA, Inc.
    8 angles in 1 plug Push-Pull self-latching Multipole 2 to 32 contacts Various keying options 9 colour codings Cable clarity Clean design Reduced operating failures caused by stressed cables Temp. range -55°C to 250°C Solder or crimp Shielding: > 75dB at 10M...