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Wire, Connectors and Interconnects

  • Off-The-Shelf 2-Meter Molded Cables

    Supplier: ArKco Sales, Inc.
    Switchcraft-Conxall has introduced 'Off-the-shelf 2-meter molded cables' which include the following circular connectors from Switchcraft-Conxall: Mini-Con-X and EN3 series. The Mini-Con-X and EN3 connectors are made for harsh environment applications with their robust footprint. Switchcraft-Conxall has a proud history of manufacturing products in USA, so you know you are purchasi...
  • Mixed Signal/Power: Mini-Con-X

    Supplier: ArKco Sales, Inc.
    By offering 2 different contact gauges in the same connector, Mini-Con-X Mixed Signal/Power Connectors offer the flexibility of signal and power connections in the same compact circular connector. Cable end, panel mount, and cable-to-cable connectors available. Made from high quality, UV resistant thermoplastic (UL F1 rated).
  • Industrial Pin & Sleeves

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech's carries IP44 or IP67 industrial plugs and sockets. They combine the elements of good design, high quality, safety, ease of installation and competitive cost.
  • Connecttors

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Whether you are designing machinery for that important international customer, specifying mobile power solutions on the factory floor, or planning outdoor power distribution systems, connectors can help provide a safe and effective solution.
  • Multi-Conductor Cable

    Supplier: Lapp Tannehill
    Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation.
  • Several PCB Block Connection Possibilites

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    Altech spring clamp printed circuit board terminal blocks with push-in technology. Fixed push-in PCB terminals, PCB power terminals push-in, tension spring terminals and push-in plugs.
  • New Yorker Electronics and Innodisk Partner to Supply Embedded Flash and DRAM Storage Solutions

    Supplier: New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.
    New Partnership Means Complete End-to-End Active/Passive Solutions for Designers
  • Mini Coax

    Supplier: Cooner Wire Company
    Cooner Wire's series of mini coax cables provide a flexible wire alternative to standard RG type coaxial cables. These miniature coaxial cable constructions utilize super flexible wire and are available off the shelf in sizes ranging from 42 AWG mini coax to 26 AWG mini coax.
  • STAINLESS STEEL Fischer Core Series

    Supplier: Fischer Connectors, Inc.
    Corrosion and radiation resistance Decontamination and sterilization performance Easy to handle with gloves
  • PLASTIC Fischer Core Series

    Supplier: Fischer Connectors, Inc.
    Sterilizable Corrosion resistance High performing plastic materials