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  • High Vibration Blocks from Altech

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    The perfect terminal block for high vibration applications. The CX4 is the most compact in industry. Now with a new center marking area, the design allows ferrules to be easily inserted and a lesser number of accessories are needed.
  • TFE & FEP Shielded & Unshielded Cables

    Supplier: BRIM Electronics, Inc.
    One to five twisted conductors of Type E extruded PTFE insulation (.010" wall), over a stranded silver-plated copper conductor, when shielded, braided silver-plated shield with a minimum coverage of 90% over the conductor(s),
  • Oil- and abrasion-resistant control cable

    Supplier: Lapp Group
    ÖLFLEX® 409P – PUR control cable for oil- and abrasion-resistant industrial machine tools Lapp Group USA announces its new ÖLFLEX® 409 P PUR control cable for oil- and abrasion-resistant industrial machine tools and appliances.
  • New Spring Clamp PCBs

    Supplier: Altech Corp.
    New spring clamp printed circuit board terminal blocks with push-in technology. Fixed push-in PCB terminals, PCB power terminals push-in, tension spring terminals and push-in plugs.
  • Omnetics Expedited 3D Models - connector harness

    Supplier: Omnetics Connector Corporation
    Omnetics Expedited 3D Models with the designers in Mind….. There are several key benefits of using 3D design and 3D modeling within todays interconnect world. Advantages include simplicity, automation as well as interactive analysis for the designers themselves. Unfortunately for connector makers, often lost in translation is the physical connector itself. Connectors, altho...
  • Micro and Nano-miniature connector wiring systems

    Supplier: Omnetics Connector Corporation
    On any given day approximately 2,300 man-made satellites are orbiting the earth’s surface. These satellites are responsible for relaying both analog and digital signals carrying a plethora of voice, video and data-streaming to and from various locations worldwide. Each second, these satellites directly impact everyday luxuries we enjoy, such as cellphones and email, to mo...
  • High-density, direct connections

    Phoenix Contact now offers direct plug-in connectors in a double-row configuration, ideal for high-density PCB connections. The new SDDC 1.5 connector system, featuring “SKEDD” plug-in technology, can accommodate four to 32 conductors. SKEDD technology enables direct connection to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes, without the need for tools or an additional hea...
  • Choose Remke as Your #1 Supplier.

    Supplier: Remke Industries
    Not All Electrical Connector Manufacturers are the Same! Here’s Why You Should Choose Remke as Your #1 Supplier. While you may struggle with service and delivery from your electrical connector manufacturer, you won’t with Remke! There are many reasons to choose Remke as your industrial electrical connector manufacturer.
  • Barrier Strip Filtered Terminal Blocks

    Supplier: API Technologies - Electromagnetic Integrated Services
    The barrier strip filtered terminal block is designed provide EMI/RFI filtering of AC and DC power lines and control lines. These filtered terminal blocks are available in various sizes with terminal for soldering or spade lugs.
  • Filtered Audio Connectors

    Supplier: API Technologies - Electromagnetic Integrated Services
    API Technologies has modified the standard MIL-DTL-55116 connectors that are used in 60 volt/0.5 Amp audio frequency circuits to provide effective EMI filtering. API's filtered audio connectors are waterproof and polarized, five or six pin electrical plugs/receptacles and can be designed for special and selectively loaded EMI filtering.