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  • GS665BTP-REF GaN Systems - GaN Power Transistor Test/Evaluation

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    High efficiency bridgeless totem pole PFC reference design using GaN E-HEMT This reference design demonstrates the operating principle and design considerations of Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC (BTPPFC) using GaN enhancement mode HEMT (E-HEMT). A 3-kW BTP-PFC design example using GaN Systems 650-V GaN E-HEMT using the GS66516T EVBDB. Features ...
  • CS800 Wire Cut and Strip Machine

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    Model CS800 Cut and Strip Machine from The Eraser Company accurately measures, cuts, strips and counts a wide range of wire types and sizes ranging from 30 to 10 AWG. With programmable batching and ten variable feed rates, the CS800 is the perfect production tool for complete automation.
  • Download Our 2017 Product Catalog Today!

    Supplier: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
    View Eagle Eye's new 2017 Product Catalog. Learn more about our battery monitoring, testing & charging solutions. The 2017 Catalog includes new products, more models & updated specifications and industry information to better suit your needs. Interactive guides for NERC PRC-005-2 Compliance & IEEE Maintenance Activities for stationary batteries are included!
  • Why is Calibration so Important?

    Supplier: AMETEK Land
    Calibration is used to ensure that an instrument complies with its claimed accuracy and repeatability figures. For instance, a manufacturer indicates an accuracy for a device that falls within 1% of its rating. Calibration involves adjusting the device until it reads and meets its published specification.
  • Dual SiC MOSFET Driver Reference Design

    Supplier: Richardson RFPD
    MSCSICMDD/REF1 Microsemi Silicon Carbide Test/Evaluation Products
  • Triple Head Wire Stripper

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    The triple head stripper can increase productivity by saving on set up time and maintaining quality. The C300 can also be used for three stage stripping of coaxial cable.
  • Webinar: Truly Automated Measurement of Indicators

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    Learn how to measure light and color across all shapes, sizes, colors, and positions of indicators on an instrument panel at once. Auto-POI is a software feature in Radiant ProMetric® and TrueTest™ Software that enables truly automated characterization and uniformity control for light and color accuracy.
  • 2017 Battery Training Courses Available Now!!!

    Supplier: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
    Learn more about Eagle Eye Power Solutions upcoming battery training course schedule. Eagle Eye offers a hands-on approach to learning about battery management, DC system design, and safety as well as IEEE recommended best practices, real time battery monitoring systems, battery testing, and data analysis.
  • LANDCAL P1200B

    Supplier: AMETEK Land
    The LANDCAL P1200B is a bench mounted, primary temperature source designed for testing and precise calibration of most infrared radiation thermometers at temperatures up to 1150 °C/2100 °F.
  • Test Leads and Kits for the Automotive Market

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK
    In 1980 E-Z-Hook entered the automotive sector with our XJL insulation macro-hook connected to a lead with a standard alligator connector on the other side. This product 619XJL was offered in a black and red set of 18″, 36″ , and 60″ standard lead lengths. Today, 36 years later, this product can still be found in most automotive jobber trucks (think Matco, Snap-On, MacT...