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Tools and Instruments

  • Designed to boost your efficiency

    Supplier: OROS
    OR35 10 channels modular Teamwork noise and vibration analyzer
  • Explorer 16/32 Development Kit

    Supplier: Microchip Technology, Inc.
    The Explorer 16/32 Development Kit is a flexible, convenient and ready to start development, demonstration and testing platform for 16-bit PIC24 MCUs, dsPIC® DSCs and 32-bit PIC32 MCUs from Microchip Technology.
  • For testing in macro environments.

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK
    E-Z-Hook provides quality heavy-duty test connectors that meet your testing requirements in macro environments. Macro-Hook test connector models, XH and XHL provide strong, positive contact with large diameter items. These bigger hooks are ideal for connections over large test leads, lugs and terminals
  • XEP & XEPA are ideal for piercing small wire

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK
    E-Z-Hook offers macro-hook and micro-hook connectors with insulation piercing capability. All have single needle point piercing ideal for establishing accurate contact through insulation.
  • Precision wire and cable strippers

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    The LS series wire and cable strippers are precision wire and cable strippers. Blades are available to cover most applications and all are manufactured to exacting standards to provide a clean strip.
  • Stripper for solid and stranded wire and cables

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    Eraser’s Model BTS1 Thermal Wire Stripper is a bench mounted thermal stripper for solid and stranded wire and cables up to 1/2" OD (12.7mmø). The temperature of the stripping elements is variable up to 1400°F (760°C).
  • Over speed protection on engines

    Supplier: Dynalco
    Dynalco Speed Switches are used for over speed protection on engines. As well as Dynalco Scanners that are used to monitor a variety of engine parameters.
  • Zero-Smog for your electronics design workbench

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Enjoy portable and flexible protection with Weller’s new Zero-Smog soldering filtration unit, ideal for anything from small soldering applications on an electronics design workbench, through to providing protection for engineers working in soldering environments.
  • LoRa® evaluation kits from Microchip

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Designing IoT applications is easier than ever with Microchip’s new LoRa® evaluation kits. With built-in certification for North America and Europe these LoRa® kits integrate sensors, gateways and local server applications, enabling quick and easy IoT development possibilities to support engineers.
  • One Source for Electronic Benchtop Products

    Supplier: Ellsworth Adhesives
    Electronics manufacturing requires precision and security to ensure a durable, quality product. Ellsworth Adhesives has the latest products for Electronic Benchtops.