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Tools and Instruments

  • Portable Signal Generator and Calibrator, US-Made

    Supplier: MTI Instruments Inc.
    Made in the U.S., MTI Instruments’ 1510A Precision Signal Generator and Calibrator is a sophisticated two channel, battery powered, microprocessor-contr olled, direct digital synthesizer with unparalleled accuracy.
  • 1256 Coaxial Cable Stripper

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    Model 1256 Coaxial Cable Stripper is a bench model stripper that can be used to strip coaxial cables, including semi-rigid, heliax, plenum and RGU. Powered by an AC motor and foot switch activated, the Model 1256 is easy and safe to use.
  • D Series Strips Round, Rectangular & Square Wires

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    The D Series Wire Strippers from The Eraser Company cover many applications for stripping magnet, enamel and film insulated wire. These machines use high speed rotating stripping wheels to remove the insulation from round, rectangular and square wires.
  • Digital Optical Comparator Inspection/Measurement

    Supplier: VISIONx Inc.
    VisionGauge®Digital Optical Comparator systems are the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to compare a part to a CAD File™. These systems are the ideal tool for manual or automated inspection and measurement of many different types of parts in various industries.
  • Automotive piercing hook & test lead sets

    Supplier: E-Z-HOOK
    E-Z-Hook offers an assortment of insulation piercing hook test kits and test lead sets designed specifically for the automotive industry. Test kits include banana plug test leads, alligator clips, probes and insulation piercing test hooks. Test leads sets are available with PVC, silicone and coil cord wire options. If the kit combination or test lead set you are looking for is not shown...
  • C100S Rotary Wire Stripper

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    The Model C100S single blade centrifugal rotary wire stripper and twister will strip most insulations from solid and stranded wires, Teflon, P.T.F.E., PVC, nylon, KEL-F, and many more.
  • Precision rotary wire strippers

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    Eraser’s K8 Series Rotary Blade Wire Strippers are precision rotary wire strippers capable of processing round, extruded, built-up (solid and stranded), magnet, enamel, film insulated wires and coaxial cables. The units can remove tough insulations such as Kapton, silicon rubber and armored polythermaleze. Blade depth, blade pressure and strip length are all adjustable. Close-up st...
  • Precision Antenna Measurement eBook

    Supplier: Copper Mountain Technologies
    Antenna measurements are difficult due to their multi-directional nature, their connections to equipment & interfering signals in the environment. The measurement setup, surrounding environment, & physical connections all need to be carefully specified & setup. We hope this will give you the technical knowledge & background to help you design test systems & accurately...
  • INSPECT.assembly Automated Visual Inspection Station

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    The INSPECT.assembly system is a fully-integrated inspection station that utilizes a Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® Imaging Photometer, bright field lighting, and programmable inspection software to detect subtle, low-contrast defects on complex assemblies. The system can be easily added to the production line to accommodate real-time inspection with greater accuracy and repeata...
  • Webinar: OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    Radiant Optical Software Engineer Alex Podschwit presents solutions for OLED pixel-level measurement and correction and describes a Demura method using high-resolution Radiant colorimeters and software.