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    Supplier: Keystone Electronics Corp.
    New cost saving "mini pad" Surface Mount Test point from Keystone is another way to efficiently and safely test PC Boards with out taking up valuable board space. Low profile test point easily accepts a variety of gripping probes to replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals. Packaged on 1,000 and 5,000 piece tape and reel. Can be used in both lead free solder and traditional reflow pr...
  • CEM Calibration System for Method 205

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    The Environics Series Continuous Emissions Monitoring Calibration Systems (CEMCS) have been used in CEM vans and laboratories for over twenty years. They meet or exceed the performance requirements of the United States EPA 40 CFR Part 51 Method 205 Appendix M.
  • Zero Air Generator - now with Moisture Indicator

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    The Environics® Series 7000 Zero Air Generator is a pure air generator system that is capable of continuous delivery of up to 20 standard liters per minute (SLPM), 30 pounds per square inch (PSI) of dry, contaminant-free air.
  • Labmaster Universal Model 1000M

    Supplier: Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.
    With a 40" (1016mm) direct reading range, this laser-based Universal Measuring System is designed for high accuracy, ID/OD gage and part calibration. Swivel, centering, tilt, and elevation knobs are all standard and easy to use. Features include laser interferometer, computer control, air bearings, bi-directional probes, constant measuring force, and flexible fixturing.
  • Remote / Stand-Alone Vibration Monitoring

    Supplier: OROS
    OROS offers a dedicated tool for the temporary vibration monitoring: Systeo. Its user friendly interface allows to install the system on the machinery in a minimum amount of time. Embedded in the OROS SmartRouter™ in the satellite version, the solution has been designed to stand in for the expert on site. SysTeo becomes an autonomous monitoring system remotely from your office.
  • Large Dilution Range -Cal of Ambient Air Analyzers

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    The Environics® Series 9100 Computerized Ambient Monitoring Calibration System is an advanced microprocessor controlled instrument for dynamic calibration of ambient air analyzers. NEW!! The Series 9100 has been modified to support an additional thermal mass flow controller (MFC), giving you a larger range of possible dilutions.
  • Automate 10-step dilutions of Calibration gases

    Supplier: Environics, Inc.
    The Environics® Series 4040 Computerized Automotive Gas Divider is an advanced microprocessor controlled instrument for the dynamic calibration of automotive or mobile source emissions analyzers. The Series 4040 automatically performs standard ten-step dilutions of all calibration gases in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protocols.
  • Noise and vibration analyzer's personal disk

    Supplier: OROS
    OROS 3-series MobiDisk™ is a unique 60 Gb rugged disk drive that can operate docked in the analyzer as well as connected to a PC. Record raw data from the field on the MobiDisk™ docked into your analyzer.
  • Dynamic Signal Analyzer / DAT Recorder - OR38

    Supplier: OROS
    is the ultimate analyzer/recorder of the OROS 3-Series range. This system allows large and advanced measurements to be achieved directly in the field, where DAT and Post-analysis are usually the only solution. With up to 32 channels the OR38 processes all data whatever the application (rotating, acoustic etc.)
  • Dynamic Signal Analyzer & DAT - The OR36

    Supplier: OROS
    is a synthesis of components usually used separately for measurements. It includes an acquisition front-end, with conditioning and sampling, a time domain recorder and resources required to provide real-time processing of all inputs. It interfaces with any PC, giving access to a wide range of functions: report editing, project-based settings, availability of results in an office environment