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  • An Improved CW Immune Detector Log Video Amplifier

    Supplier: Anadyne
    Understand the problems associated with improving performance of CW-immune Detector Log Video Amplifiers Learn the tradeoffs involved in optimizing different facets of the performance Discover Anadyne's capabilities Learn how to interact with Anadyne to make use of this technology
  • Frost & Sullivan Names Product Leader for USB VNAs

    Supplier: Copper Mountain Technologies
    Frost & Sullivan awarded the 2017 Global Product Leadership Award for USB VNAs to Copper Mountain Technologies, because they noted that we are at the forefront of this trend for affordable and portable high-quality VNAs.
  • Insight & new developments on Detector Log Video Amplifiers

    Supplier: Anadyne
    A detector log video amplifier (DLVA) utilizes a transducer to convert the physical effect being measured to a voltage or current. The voltage or current is then passed through a log video amplifier (LVA) to produce an output logarithmically proportional to the magnitude the input of the effect. CW-immune Detector Log Video Amplifiers have undergone little change in the past 30 years. An...
  • Sign Up For Our Battery Data Analysis Course!

    Supplier: Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
    This course provides an in-depth look at the measurable battery parameters and their value in providing information with respect to a battery’s reliability. Attendees will receive instruction in the use of both limit and trend analysis for both operating and discharge data. This course is intended for supervisory personnel with responsibility for the analysis of the collected batte...
  • CAD Auto-Align™ - Digital Optical Comparators

    Supplier: VISIONx Inc.
    The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator’s ground-breaking CAD Auto-Align™ tool automatically aligns the CAD data to the part.
  • Reproducibility with unmatched speed.

    Supplier: Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.
    Features include laser interferometer, computer control, air bearings, bi-directional probes, constant measuring force, and flexible fixturing. These features offer guaranteed repeatability and operator independent reproducibility with unmatched speed.
  • High accuracy gage calibration & part measurement

    Supplier: Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.
    A computer based bench micrometer and direct reading external measuring system designed for high accuracy gage calibration and part measurement.
  • PicoScope Adds Modbus Decoder

    Supplier: Pico Technology
    Pico Technology has enhanced its PicoScope analysis capabilities with the addition of Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU decoders. It is currently the only oscilloscope range capable of analyzing Modbus (RS-232/RS-485) signals, making it the perfect tool for troubleshooting industrial PLC applications – from installation and commissioning to maintenance and repair operations.
  • DSP stripping pots

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    The DSP stripping pots are designed specifically for use with Dip Strip. The standard model DSP2 has an infinitely variable temperature control with a reference scale
  • Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper

    Supplier: Eraser Company, Inc.
    Models 824 and 1256 Coaxial Cable Strippers from The Eraser Company can be used to strip many types of coaxial cables including semi-rigid, heliax and RGU. Cable size can range from .03 to .43 inches in diameter depending on the material type and construction.