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Product Watch


  • HyperLynx: PCB Analysis & Verification Software

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    HyperLynx® offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software that meets the needs of PCB engineers at any point in the board design flow.
  • Xpedition: Enterprise PCB Design Flow

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Xpedition™ Enterprise from Mentor Graphics is the industry's most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.
  • Veloce: Emulation Systems

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    The Veloce verification system reduces project schedules and cost through high-performance Questa simulation acceleration and in-circuit emulation of complex SoC designs. Veloce achieves these benefits through a unique architecture and best-in-class technologies.
  • Questa: Design Verification Platform

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    The Questa Verification Platform can transform your verification processes, dramatically increasing verification productivity and helping you allocate and manage resources more efficiently. Built on several powerful technologies, including a comprehensive database solution and best-in-class verification management tools, Questa answers the challenges of increasingly complex SoCs.
  • Capital: Electrical & Wire Harness Design

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Capital is an advanced software suite for the electrical system & wire harness domain. Used by leading automotive, aerospace and harness makers, Capital is built to support the complex demands of integrated processes from initial vehicle definition through design, manufacture and service.
  • Valor: PCB Manufacturing Solution

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Valor MSS v11 is the PCB industry's first true end-to end solution, extending Mentor Graphic's offering from product design to the manufacturing shop floor. Valor MSS covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.
  • MicReD: Thermal Testing Hardware

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Thermally test, measure and characterize semiconductor devices (including LEDs), TIMs and even complete electronic systems
  • ProSource® Radiant Source Model™ Software

    Supplier: Radiant Vision Systems
    Radiant Vision Systems' ProSource® software features enhanced capabilities to help optical and illumination engineers and designers conduct light source analysis and ray generation using Radiant Source Model (RSM) files. ProSource provides an intuitive interface to allow the user to view, manipulate, and process RSM data files simply and quickly.
  • MotorSolve IM Design Software

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    MotorSolve IM is the most accurate design and analysis software for induction motors and generators due to its automated finite element results module. The easy to use template based interface includes dozens of editable rotor and stator types.
  • HyperLynx® Signal Integrity (SI)

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Analyze signal integrity issues early in the design cycle to eliminate costly re-spins.