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  • Application-oriented for your Efficiency

    Supplier: OROS
    From acceptance to diagnostics Manufacturers workshops & test cells Acceptance tests Overhaul String tests Field testing: power and chemical plants, offshore Commissioning Predictive maintenance Diagnostics and troubleshooting Relative shaft vibration (journal bearing...
  • Webinar: Design High-speed Motors with Simulators

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    How can multi-physics simulations impact a motor’s ultimate performance? This presentation reviews the optimum design of a brushless permanent magnet motor using Infolytica’s MotorSolve software. Attendees will learn how to imagine a design idea, and then review a complete set of critical motor responses for that idea – all in just a few minutes!
  • ESDU Engineering Data for Engineers by Engineers

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Design Engineers, Research Scientists or whatever your field within engineering… ESDU Validated engineering methods and data provide users with a unique knowledge base to solve engineering design problems and implement complex analytical techniques. Guided and approved by independent international expert committees, ESDU’s methods are a trusted source of engineering i...
  • Thermal Simulation Software ThermNet v7

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    COUPLE TO MAGNET OR ELECNET FOR HIGHLY ACCURATE PERFORMANCE PREDICTIONS ThermNet simulates the steady-state and transient temperature distribution of specified heat sources. Coupling with MagNet and ElecNet provides accurate electro-thermal analysis for devices such as electric machines (motors and generators), transformers, induction heating, surge arrestors and dielectric...
  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module

    Supplier: National Instruments
    The NI LabVIEW Real-Time Module is a complete solution for creating reliable, stand-alone embedded systems with a graphical programming approach. As an add-on to the LabVIEW development environment, the module helps you develop and debug graphical applications that you can download to and execute on embedded hardware devices...
  • EZ-VIP Package for Enhanced Testbench Productivity

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Now available: the EZ-VIP productivity package for ASIC and FPGA verification teams using Questa® Verification IP (QVIP). This package increases productivity by reducing the time spent creating, instantiating, configuring and connecting up a QVIP testbench by 5X or more.
  • Enterprise Verification Platform (EVP)

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Enhancements to the Mentor® Enterprise Verification Platform (EVP) that offer new levels of performance and productivity across the platform in simulation, debug, formal, coverage closure and low power verification.
  • Mentor Embedded Hypervisor

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Mentor Embedded Hypervisor includes support for ARM® TrustZone™ to secure critical information and software. Support for guest operating systems & environments including Linux, Nucleus and bare metal.
  • Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA)

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Volcano Vehicle System Architect (VSA) is a systems design tool for AUTOSAR-based systems. It enables engineers to design automotive SW and HW architectures and to manage the relationships between the two. At the same time, it provides the user with required support to manage industrial-scale projects with distributed development partners.
  • Xpedition® xDX Designer for Schematic Design

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Xpedition® xDX Designer, formerly known as DxDesigner, provides a complete schematic design solution for design creation, definition, and reuse. It provides everything needed for circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management and signal integrity planning in a concurrent team-based design environment.