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  • Xpedition® xDX Designer for Schematic Design

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Xpedition® xDX Designer, formerly known as DxDesigner, provides a complete schematic design solution for design creation, definition, and reuse. It provides everything needed for circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management and signal integrity planning in a concurrent team-based design environment.
  • XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer uses a new technology that combines full wave 3D EM simulation and circuit optimization to simplify the matching circuit workflow. Now design engineers can optimize matching circuit lumped element values directly in the electromagnetic layout where the coupling from multiple antennas and the ground return current paths are taken into account.
  • IHS ESDU launches its second ‘app’ feature

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    IHS ESDU is excited in launching its second app to its vast range of data capabilities – ‘Wing lift-curve slope’ app Engineering is an iterative process of continual improvement building on lessons learned and recognizing engineering best practice through research and testing. Each ESDU tool is the product of a comprehensive validation process by a wide ra...
  • Transformer Design with MagNet for SOLIDWORKS

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Using MagNet for SOLIDWORKS, we will be showcasing AC and Transient analysis for 3-phase transformers, from distribution sized to high power transformers. We will highlight the features which make the setup of these transformers to advanced analysis using AC and transient studies.
  • IHS ESDU launches an exciting new ‘app’ feature

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Product Announcement IHS ESDU is excited in launching a new feature to its vast range of data capabilities – ‘The Toolbox App’ ESDU provides essential design methods and software for the aerospace, defence, transportation, energy and related industries. These methods and software are produced and rigorously validated with the collective knowl...
  • Static-to-flight Effects on Coaxial Jet Noise

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    Static-to-flight Effects on Coaxial Jet Noise from Aircraft Turbofan Engines The Aircraft Noise & Structural Dynamics Group at ESDU have just issued a significant new Item, ESDU 14014, which allows the user to estimate the change in coaxial jet noise spectrum levels when moving from static to flight conditions. The Item has been prepared in collaboration w...
  • OptiNet Automated Design Optimization

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    OptiNet is an automated design optimization option to MagNet, ElecNet and MagNet-ThermNet coupled together. Using advanced and efficient algorithms, OptiNet can find optimal values for different design variables within the constraints specified.
  • ElecNet 2D/3D Electric Field Simulation Software

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    ElecNet 2D/3D is the leading electric field simulation software tool. Designers can easily model the most complicated devices and accurately predict their behavior. Based on finite element analysis methods, ElecNet solves static, AC and transient electric field and current flow problems. Analyze and predict the performance of: Transformers Insulation S...
  • MagNet v7 2D/3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    MagNet v7 2D/3D simulation software for electromagnetic fields let's you rapidly model and predict the performance of any electromagnetic or electromechanical device: Electric Motors/Generators Magnetic Levitation Transformers Actuators Sensors/NDT Induction Heating Loudspeakers Magnetic Recording Heads<...
  • Colibri Color Management Suite Software

    Supplier: Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.
    The Colibri Color Management Suite includes four modules for specifying, formulating, analyzing, and managing brand and product colors across the supply chain. This powerful software enables users to define and share specifications, match and correct colors, monitor measurement data at each facility in real time, and coordinate color seamlessly from design to manufacturer to finis...