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  • Infolytica Corporation Launches MotorSolve Online

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Leveraging web-based HPC for motor design and analysis
  • Significant Speed-Ups in MagNet v7.7 - Infolytica

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Greater accuracy with 3x to 10x speed-up, new cooling options & coil tool
  • Explore Motor Heating & Cooling During Design

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Predict Thermal Effects & Avoid Winding Overheating with Duct Cooling in MotorSolve
  • Ventilation and comfort of indoor air quality

    Supplier: IHS ESDU
    This data aims at the newcomer to the theoretical modelling of ventilation, comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ), but one who has basic knowledge of flow and heat transfer. This material will be useful to: Building services engineers as well as practitioners in other disciplines (such as civil and structural engineering, transport - road, rail, air and marine,...
  • The Veloce® with Codelink™

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    The Veloce® emulation platform, specifically the Codelink™ offering, now supports the debug of designs built with AndesCore™ processors, such as N10 and N13.
  • Infolytica - new version of MagNet for SOLIDWORKS™

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Infolytica Corporation announces today the release of a new version of MagNet for SOLIDWORKS, the company’s electromagnetic field simulation add-in to the 3D CAD package. This update includes a brand new circuit editor, new libraries of steel and magnetic materials, support for SOLIDWORKS 2016 and other general improvements.
  • Gage information at your finger tips.

    Supplier: Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.
    Our optional gage management module, designed in accordance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9000, puts gage information at your finger tips.
  • Tanner AMS IC Design Flow

    Supplier: Mentor Graphics Corporation
    Tanner AMS IC design flow supports analog/mixed-signal design in one highly-integrated, end-to-end flow. Engineers can perform top-down, mixed-signal simulation or co-simulation, synthesis with DFT support, place and route, and high-speed, "sign-off ready" timing analysis for tape-out, within one, cost-effective unified flow.
  • Knowledge Pays, Harness the Value of Information

    Supplier: IHS Product Design
    On demand Webinar - Knowledge and information are the keys to overcoming the challenges facing today's scientists and engineers. The value of knowledge can be difficult to quantify, however.
  • Application-oriented for your Efficiency

    Supplier: OROS
    From acceptance to diagnostics Manufacturers workshops & test cells Acceptance tests Overhaul String tests Field testing: power and chemical plants, offshore Commissioning Predictive maintenance Diagnostics and troubleshooting Relative shaft vibration (journal bearing...