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  • Have you signed up for STAC?

    Supplier: SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
    STAC, or SigmaTEK Academy and Conference, SigmaTEK's largest annual user summit, is quickly approaching. Join us May 8-9 in Cincinnati for in-depth technical training and one-on-one time with the experts of SigmaTEK.
  • XGtd: Accelerated RCS for Highly Faceted Geometry

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    XGtd® EM Simulation Software includes a GPU-accelerated radar cross section (RCS) model that greatly speeds calculations while delivering exceptional accuracy for very complex geometries.
  • SigmaNEST optimizes CNC knife cutting technology

    Supplier: SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
    SigmaNEST optimizes CNC knife cutting technology through tight and accurate nesting
  • XFdtd: Circuit Co-Simulation

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Circuit co-simulation facilitates a more realistic analysis of device performance by including imported circuit components within the electromagnetic simulation.
  • VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators 300-Series

    Supplier: VISIONx Inc.
    The 300-Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator Field-of-View Systems are extremely cost-effective systems that are ideal for smaller parts.
  • Microchip MPLAB® ICD 4 in-circuit debugger kit with faster processor and increased RAM

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    Next-generation debugger kit from Microchip provides higher speed capability and improved debugging flexibility The MPLAB ICD 4 is an In-Circuit programming and Debugging (ICD) development tool for PIC® microcontrollers, including the latest PIC32C MCUs, and Microchip’s portfolio of dsPIC® digital signal controllers,...
  • Pi-top PULSE Personal Assistant

    Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.
    A personal assistant for Raspberry Pi that supports learning and AI - one solution got music, lights and sound.
  • Wireless InSite: 5G Diffuse Scattering Simulation

    Supplier: Remcom (USA)
    Wireless InSite simulates the detailed multipath of large numbers of MIMO channels. As 5G technology forces expansion into higher frequencies in the mmWave spectrum, the diffuse scattering model further increases precision by revealing how paths interact with a variety of surfaces and structures and how signal power is affected by these interactions.
  • Torpedo™: PC-like Speeds on a <1-Sq In. SOM!

    Supplier: Logic PD
    An ultra-compact form factor based on Texas Instruments' DaVinci™ DM3730 and Sitara™ AM3703 processors that boasts PC-like speeds up to 1GHz and low power consumption of less than 5 mW.
  • SigmaTEK Presents All-New Mini-Series

    Supplier: SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
    SigmaTEK’s Cornel Warren and Jandre TerreBlanche are getting their hands dirty in the all-new mini- series American Made. The first episode of the series premiered Thursday, May 11th when the duo met with CEO, Don Colbertson at Omni Technologies. Omni Technologies, located in Greendale, Indiana is a manufacturing company specializing in high quality,...