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  • Blast off and explore the future of manufacturing

    Supplier: SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
    Blast off and explore the future of manufacturing at the 2017 SigmaTEK Academy, a two-day educational event that covers mission-critical topics facing today's manufacturers. May 9th -10th, 2017 Think you've been to an Academy event before? You haven't experienced anything quite like this......
  • Parametric Design of Industrial Pick-&-Place Robot

    Supplier: Maplesoft
    A leading provider of packaging machines used Maple and MapleSim to design a pick-and-place robot to incorporate into a new packaging machine. The company was able to create a fully-optimized pick-and-place robot for its intended use.
  • UW Researchers use MapleSim for Tire Modeling

    Supplier: Maplesoft
    Wanting to develop a new tire model that delivered a better balance between accuracy and efficiency, researchers at the University of Waterloo used MapleSim to develop a volumetric tire model intended to provide accurate results more efficiently than other models.
  • MapleSim used to speed up robot model development

    Supplier: Maplesoft
    Learn how ABB Robotics, a global manufacturer of industrial robots, used MapleSim to reduce model development time and improve the efficiency of their existing toolchain.
  • Maple Reduces Downtime of Steam Turbines

    Supplier: Maplesoft
    See how Maple helped provide a breakthrough method for inspection routines of steam turbines used in power plants. Using Maple, an exact pre-inspection model of turbine rotor blades was created. This model increased the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of ultrasonic inspections.
  • Maple Helps Hiab Simplify Their Crane Operation

    Supplier: Maplesoft
    Learn how Hiab is working to simplify crane operation using Maple to better execute simulations that model crane behavior.
  • Find the simple way through complex EM systems

    Supplier: CST - Computer Simulation Technology
    Make the ConnectionFind the simple way through complex EM systems with CST STUDIO SUITE
  • CST Aerospace Workshop

    Supplier: CST - Computer Simulation Technology
    This workshop offers an excellent opportunity to meet engineers and scientists from industry, research and universities working on aviation and space applications. CST will present both current technology and the newest developments in EM simulation, together with application examples relevant to these fields.
  • Generator Mode Analysis Added to New MotorSolve

    Supplier: Infolytica Corporation
    Perform both motor & generator analysis on an electric machine
  • For the analysis of PDN in multi-layer PCBs

    Supplier: CST - Computer Simulation Technology
    For the analysis of power distribution networks (PDN) in multi-layer PCBs an outstanding 3D full-wave modeling technique has been implemented. It is based on the finite elements method in frequency domain (3D FE FD) and capable of analyzing the entire PCB design.